Dear Vojvodina fans,

On Thursday, September 24, our team in Liège is expecting the most important match of the season so far. We all know how much victory would mean to us and how much joy it would bring us, but at the same time, we must know that a small baby, ten-month-old Lana Jovanović from Beočin, has been fighting for months with spinal muscular atrophy, an extremely severe and vicious disease that affects basic life functions such as walking, digestion, swallowing and breathing. In that battle, our little Lana must not be alone.

A medicine that can preserve her health and enable a normal life requires as much as 2.5 million dollars, and thanks to all the people of good will and a big heart, half of that amount has been collected so far. Now it is necessary to involve even more people in this humanitarian action, because any help is very important.

For that reason, the football club Vojvodina decided that all the income from the sale of T-shirts made especially for the match against Standard would be paid to help Lana Jovanović. T-shirts in various sizes are available in Vojvodina fan shop on the west stand of the Karađorđe stadium (next to entrance number 2), at a price of 1,000 dinars. The working hours of the shop are from 10 am to 6 pm, and T-shirts can also be ordered via the Instagram page @sopnavijacavojvodine.

Vojvodina fans, provide yourself with a beautiful memory of the great match that is ahead of the Old Lady and, more importantly, do a humane deed by helping Lana to overcome this vicious disease.

You can also show your support by sending an SMS message by entering 808 and sending it to the number 3030, as well as by paying into current accounts:

dinar account: 160-6000000069907-42

foreign currency account: 160600000006991130

IBAN: RS35160600000006991130


Let’s go all together, lets fight for Lana!

For mutual victory, FOR LANA’S BATTLE OF LIFE!