Vojvodina has beaten Napredak yesterday in the 17th round of the Super League of Serbia and thus reached its 11th league triumph this half-season, maintaining its current second place in the standings. In this way, Voša continued with successful results this fall, and this is best evidenced by the fact that the red and whites, in the previous 17 rounds, have already achieved more victories than they did during whole last season.

In the last season, Vojvodina achieved 10 victories in 37 league games, and this season it has already recorded 11 triumphs in 20 matches less. This shows in the best way how much better the Old Lady seems on the pitch, and of course, that would not be possible if there is not good organization and great work within the club.

For all this, reasons for satisfaction certainly have the president of FK Vojvodina Vojislav Gajić.

– Congratulations on the victory to our players and members of the coaching staff, led by Nenad Lalatović, and I am particularly pleased that in the second half we saw the kind of Vojvodina we want – competitive and inspired. I am also glad that the clear politics of the club was visible on the pitch, as yesterday we had five national team players in our team. I must also praise Nikola Drinčić, who is the engine of the team, as well as other footballers who were in our squad last year and for who we believed that they have the quality for the club such as Vojvodina. Among them are the players we signed this year, such as Bojić, Gemović, Đurić, Đurišić, etc., and all of them together are showing great loyalty to the club – says Gajić.

The president of FK Vojvodina also points out some other factors that have completed the positive impression from yesterday’s match.

– I have to praise the fans of Vojvodina, who are coming to the stadium Karađorđe in increasing number, because football, among other things, is played because of the fans. Also, in addition to the very important victory that we achieved over the excellent team of Napredak, which I thank for their fair play, I must emphasize that the refereeing was at the level required by such a game – Gajić notes.

He also thanked all the others who contributed to the good results of Vojvodina this season by their work.

– Before the match, we held a session of the Board of Directors and I would like to thank all the members of the Board, as well as director Bajatović, for their very fair cooperation. After three or four months of my presidency, I am now quite sure that we are on the right track to achieving top results, which belong to the oldest citizen club in Serbia. At the same time, I have to praise what is not seen, which is that all the employees at the club very diligently perform their work tasks – said Gajić.