The players of Vojvodina FC lost to the team of Radnički 1923 with the result 2:1 in the 21st round of Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Radnički 1923: Leković, Šerbečić, Ćosić, Chinedu (from 72nd Ivelja), Mitrović, Ristić (from 88th Simović), Dadić, Vidosavljević (from 72nd Gluščević), Aleksić, Sahli, Bevis (from 88th Đurić).

Vojvodina: Rosić, Lazarević, Jeličić, Crnomarković, Matheus Indio, Petrović (from 59th Savićević), Milosavljević (od 59. Bukinac), Nikolić (from 46th Zukić), Radulović, Seri, Vukanović (from 79th Ivanović).

In the introductory minutes, Voša had three solid chances, the first one to threaten was Seri, who passed by the left side and shot the first angle, but the goalkeeper Leković was in the right position. Seri also stood out two minutes later, when Vukanović shot, the ball hit his guard, but the goalkeeper of Radnički pushed the ball to the corner. Vukanović tried once more from the edge of the penalty area, but not hard enough to overpower the well-positioned Leković.

Radnički took the lead from the first real action that was started by Chinedu with an excellent deep pass to Bevis, who excellently played to Sahi, and Sahi scored into the very angle for 1:0.

The same player almost achieved the second shot, after stealing a ball from Matheus Indio in front of the penalty box, but Rosić intervened in time.

After the received goal, Voša was fell pretty low in the game, and had their next chance in the final minutes of the first half when Radulović shot into the first angle from some 20 meters, but Leković once again defended the goal.

Right at halftime, Božidar Bandović made his first change. Zukić replaced Nikolić, and then in the 59th minute Savićević and Bukinac entered the game to replace Milosavljević and Petrović, so Voša started playing in their standard formation with 4 players in the defence. It resulted in a draw in 64th minute, when Radulović passed by the right flank and passed to Zukić who shot into the further angle from some 10 meters for 1:1.

Voša continued to attack after this goal, and in the 74th minute Matheus Indio shot from 20 meters, but Leković pushed the ball into the corner. The home team started the counter attack a minute later, and Ivelja shot from 15 meters next to the goal post.

In the 84th minute Radnički took the lead again, and from a precise penalty performed by Ristić. Jeličić had previously played with his hand in the penalty area, and the main referee after consulting with the VAR room, decided to point to the white dot.

Until the end of the match there were no changes in the result, so Vojvodina marked their first defeat this spring.