Vojvodina defeated TSC with the result 0-2 (0-0), in the last round of the Serbian Super League.

In front of about 3,000 spectators at the TSC arena, the scorers for Voša were Matić in the 46th minute and Lazarević in the 78th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

TSC: Filipović – Varga, Stojković, Tomanović, Stanojlović (from 53rd Ratkov) – Vukić, Banjac, Antonić (from 76th Krsmanović), Stanojev (from 53rd Mirchevski) – Petrović, Bocskay (from 70th Milićević).

Vojvodina: Rockov – Bjeković, Jeličić, Kopitović, Devetak – Busnić, Miletić – Vukčević (from 56th Lazarević), Zukić (from 92nd Abramušić), V. Simić (from 92nd Ivanović) – Matić (from 69th Bastajić).

In the first half, an equal game between the two teams was seen, but neither team managed to create a real opportunity in front of the opponent’s goal. Considering that this match had no competitive significance for Vojvodina, and that only the victory gave TSC a chance to win a place in Europe, the home team was somewhat more agile in attack, but the red and whites were very good in defense and they completely managed to close all the approaches to Emil Rockov’s net.

Already in the first minute of the continuation, Voša took the lead with a great reaction from Bojan Matić. Varga played the return ball to Filipović, who wanted to shoot it, but Matić managed to block it with a sliding start and thus sent the ball into the net.

The change in the results did not significantly affect what was happening on the field, since TSC still had a slight field initiative, but without serious opportunities for a goal. On the other hand, Voša could have doubled the lead in the 76th minute, but the ball, after Veljko Simić’s shot from about 18 meters, went a few centimeters outside the goal.

TSC could have equalized in the next minute, but, just like during Veljko Simić’s shot, the ball ended up a few centimeters near the goalpost and during Stojković’s shot from about 22-23 meters. Almost immediately in the next attack, Vojvodina scored the second goal.

A great counter-attack was performed by the red and whites, Bastajić pulled it and played a pass to Veljko Simić, who passed the ball to the right side towards Lazarević from the first, and he increased the lead of the Old Lady with a precise shot from about seven to eight meters.

By the end of the match, TSC tried to reduce the score and thus return uncertainty to this game, but the red and whites continued to act very confidently in defense, so they ended the season with a historic first victory against the team from Bačka Topola.