The players of Vojvodina FC failed to win the trophy of the Serbian Cup, after they lost to Red Star today at Lagator stadium in Loznica with the result 1:2.

The only scorer for Vojvodina FC was Aleksa Vukanović in the added time.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Red Star: Glazer – Mijailović, Spajić, Dragović, Rodić – Stamenić (from the 74th Katai), Hwang (from the 90th Knežević) – Bukari (from the 74th Kanga), Ivanić (from the 90th Šljivić), Olayinka – Ndiaye (from the 90th Mimović).

Vojvodina: Carević – Lazarević (from the 77th Campbell), Crnomarković, Korać, Đorđević – Zukić (from the 88th Nikolić), Petrović, Savićević (from the 65th Radulović) – Vukanović, Sery, Ivanović.

Already in the third minute Voša had a 100% chance, after an action on the left side where Savićević passed to Sery, and he quickly passed to Vukanović, but Glazer was more successful in this one-on-one situation.

Red Star fought back in the seventh minute, Ivanić sent a returning pass, which Hwang passed to Bukari, and he shot over the bar. Already in the next minute, Red Star had an even better chance, Ivanić suddenly found himself alone before Carević, who intervened excellently. In the 10th minute Red Star had their third chance before the net, Bukari sent a sharp shot into the penalty box, the defence of Vojvodina intervened, and in the 12th minute after the attack of Olayinka and a returning ball, Hwang shot next to the goal post.

At the end of the 12th minute, Red Star was the closest to scoring, Hwang passed to Bukari, who positioned himself behind Đorđević, went alone in front of Carević and shot next to the goal post.

For the next ten minutes there were no bigger chances, but then in the 22nd minute, Hwang tried from the distance, but Carević blocked the shot. Immediately after, Voša had their counterattack, Sery once again passed by the left side, led the ball for 50 meters and then passed to Ivanović, but in the last moment the defence of Red Star intervened.

In the 33rd minute Voša had a good chance after a long action. Vukanović from the left flank, shot the ball into the penalty area, Ivanović received it well, and was looking for a position to shoot, but he was blocked. Two minutes later, Voša had another shot, Savićević and Zukić combined quickly, the ball reached Vukanović, who only pushed it to Ivanović who went alone in front of Glazer, and from the left side shot next to the goal post.

In the 37th minute, Red Star took the lead, Ndiaye headkicked the ball in front of the penalty area, and Ivanović received it there and with a shot on the ground overpowered Carević for 0:1.

Three minutes later, Red Star shot over Ndiaye, but after a VAR check the goal was annulled due to the offside position.

In the added time, Voša almost drew, once again the main actor was Sery who brought the ball from the left flank and then shot the upper right angle, the ball went a few centimetres next to the goal.

The second half began with a tough collision of the goalkeeper Carević and Spajić, who remained on the ground and the medical teams had to intervene, but luckily, they were not hurt.

After that interruption, the first to threaten was Vojvodina, Savićević shot from the distance, Glazer intervened, and in the continuation of the action from the similar position, Petrović shot, but next to the goal.

In the 66th minute Red Star scored their second goal, after a corner on the left side, Spajić was the highest in the jump, and headkicked the ball into the net for 0:2.

Bandović immediately brought in Radulović, who missed a big chance in the 70th minute, Zukić gave him a pass, but Voša’s winger shot over the goal from the first attempt.

Voša continued to attack, again in the 73rd minute threatened from the left flank, Đorđević centered, the ball reached Lazarević whose shot was blocked, and then from the distance Petrović shot directly into Glazer.

And in the 78th minute Glazer was in the right position, Ivanović passed to Radulović who shot from the 10 meters, but once again the goalkeeper of Red Star saved the net.

In the 81st minute Red Star scored their third goal, that was annulled once again, after an assist from the VAR room because of the forbidden position.

Until the end, Voša was trying to get back into the match, and in the added time Vukanović received a blocked ball and from the left angle sent the ball into the upper right angle for 1:2.

However, there was no more time to come back and draw, so Voša was defeated in the finale of the Serbian Cup.