The players of Vojvodina FC drew against the team of Mladost from Lučani with the result 1:1 in the 20th round of Mozzart Bet Superleague of Serbia.

The only scorer for Vojvodina FC was Andrija Radulović from the penalty in the 83rd minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rosić, Lazarević, Jeličić, Crnomarković, Bukinac (from the 58th Đorđević), Petrović, Zukić, Radulović (from the 87th Matheus Indio), Nikolić (from the 75th Jovanović), Malbašić (from the 58th Campbell), Vukanović.

Mladost: Stamenković, Andrić, Tumbasević, Joksimović, Varjačić, Pejović, Udovičić, Cvetinović, Dognimani (from the 65th Bojić), Friday, Veličković.

The guest team had their first chance after Udovičić caught a half-volley from the left side in the 12th minute, but he shot over the goal post. The next chance was also by the guests, at the end of the 20th minute Eze shot directly into Rosić from the right side.

After that, Voša finally fought back and lined up several chances. In the 22nd minute Nikolić shot from the distance over the goal, and only two minutes later Malbašić shot directly into the goalkeeper Stamenković.

Soon after, the same actors had even better chances, at the end of the 31st minute Nikolić played a double pass with Zukić, but he shot from the seven meters next to the goal stand. Four minutes later, after passing by Nikolić, Malbašić also shot the first angle from circa 7 meters, the ball passed a few centimeters next to the goal post, which was at the same time the last chance in the first part of the game.

Voša started playing offensively in the second half, and continued to create chances. In the 59th minute, Nikolić lowered the ball to Vukanović with his head, and shot over the goal post from 15 meters, and the same player had the chance two minutes later, and this time he freed himself from the guards, and shot again over the goal from 20 meters.

After he had previously brought in Đorđević and Campbell, Božidar Bandović also brought in Jovanović who refreshed the attack, and in the 75th minute from the first contact with the ball, he shot from the penalty area, but Stamenković intervened well.

In the 80th minute, Vukanović managed to create a penalty, having arrived to the ball before Joksimović, and who knocked him down. Radulović took the responsibility and shot strongly for 1:0.

Mladost had their best chance in the 87th minute when Veličković caught a volley after a center shot from the right side, and Rosić intervened excellently.

In the last moments of the match, Varjačić shot a corner from the right side, and Eze Friday was the highest in the jump, and he headkicked the ball into the net for 1:1.

In the next round on Sunday, February 18th from 1 pm, Vojvodina will face the team of Radnički 1923 in Kragujevac.