A meeting of the Assembly of the football club Vojvodina was held last night at the SC “Vujadin Boskov”, on the proposal of 25 members of the Assembly, who, along with the proposal, submitted the agenda of the session of the Assembly.

At the beginning of the meeting, a quorum was established and all 55 members of the Assembly were present. When deciding whether the session will be public or closed to the public, dissatisfied with the situation, 27 members of the Assembly, a group of fans, left the session.

After re-establishing the quorum, three points of the agenda came to work:

1. Review of the current financial situation in FK Vojvodina Novi Sad, with presentation of the report on:
1.1. Funds borrowed to the club by legal entities and individuals starting from 24 October 2017
1.2. Information on the state of the debt to the 10 largest creditors of FK Vojvodina Novi Sad, with related parties
1.3. Information on the state of the debt to the company “Karin Komerc MD” Veternik and on the eventual takeover of debt by a third party with additional collateral on the property of the club

2. The current situation in the youth school FK Vojvodina Novi Sad, with special emphasis on the passing of promising young players to the first team

3. The current situation in FK Vojvodina Novi Sad, with a special focus on:

3.1. Stability of the club, sports results, players and coaching staff of the first
3.2. Changes in the club regarding the coaching staff of the first team
3.3. Plans related to sporting results and the forthcoming transfer window

According to the first point of the agenda, a member of the Board of Directors Dušan Bajatović presented a financial cross-section and emphasized that the club was doing very well and that over a million euros of old debts were repaid. The club has entered into several settlements and debt agreements, some of which are old over a decade, so now it is protected from interest and not a single dinar is borrowed for interest on this day. So far, interest was burdened with a monthly budget of two million dinars.

It is also said that such a tough financial situation can not be solved overnight and already in the first year, if it is known that the collapse of the football club Vojvodina lasts more than a decade and a half.

Within the second item of the agenda, the Assembly members were introduced to the state of the debt to the youth academy, which was 200,000 euros or 18 wages at the moment of the club’s takeover. This debt is now reduced to about 45,000 euros in payments of arrears, with regular servicing of obligations. Also, it is planned that the entire youth academy, after the settlement of all obligations, will be organized in the future as a special legal entity, whose founder will be a club, and their relationship will be regulated by the contract.

Also, in the part of finance it was announced that in the next period of three months, exceptional funds in the amount of more than 2.5 million euros are needed, in order to provide a license and to ensure the normal functioning of the club.

According to the third item of the Agenda, the report was submitted by general manager Darko Jevtic, who noted that this year’s result showed that without continuity in management and professional work, immediate and quick results can not be expected, and that the Board of Directors in the selection of trainers always went to the selection of the best possible coach at a given moment. The great migration of the presidents, coaches and players in the last four years has led the Vojvodina football club to work without a well-founded system and periodic program, and in the coming period it has to be studiously solved.

It has been noted that the draft plan of the new stadium of the football club Vojvodina, which will be in the same place, will be made, but with the contents that will make the club profit and on those days when there are no football matches.