The Firm

Football club Vojvodina is one of the most popular and most famous football clubs in Serbia, with a tradition of more than 100 years and as such, it always had its faithful fans, mostly from the territory of Novi Sad and its surroundings.

However, in the spring of 1989, fewer groups of organized Vojvodina fans united themselves into one big, unique fan group, which they called “Red Firm”. The inspiration for this name was found in the name of the fans of the popular London club West Ham United – Inter City Firm, with the words “Inter City” being replaced with the word “Red” because of the red color in the coat of arms and the jersey of Vojvodina.

Practically immediately after the creation of Red Firm, a group of several tens of Vojvodina fans decided to establish their own subgroup, which would function autonomously as part of Red Firm. In order to give their group a Serbian name, the fans who founded it decided to call the group The Firm, and they, along with other organized fans of Vojvodina, in 1989 and later, watched the matches from the eastern stand of “Karadjordje” stadium.

However, in 1996, The Firm decided to withdraw from Red Firm and move to the former “big south” stand of the stadium. By setting clear and rigorous rules about group membership, including the fact that only adults are admitted to the group, that each fan must come to the match with a group or club mark, that the club must be followed at away matches etc., The Firm began recording its great rise in number, organization and importance for the life and work of the club itself.

Finally, when the group grew and strengthened in sufficient size, in 2003, The Firm moved to the northern stand, and immediately after that, Red Firm joined it on that side of the stadium and practicaly from that moment it became part of The Firm. Only two years later, The Firm became an even more important segment of the club, since some of its members at the same time became members of the Club Assembly as the highest club body, thus gaining the ability to control and invoke the club management for their responsibility in an institutional manner.

At every game in Novi Sad, Vojvodina can count on the support of around 300 most loyal fans, while at important matches at the north stand of “Karađorđe” it gathers even up to 2,000 Vojvodina fans. Vojvodina players can count on The Firm’s support wherever they play, not only in Serbia, but also abroad, and the most massive departure of Vojvodina fans to the away match was recorded at the 2013 Serbian Cup final in Belgrade, when the game against Jagodina was watched by around 11,000 Vojvodina fans, who travelled there from Novi Sad in over 100 buses.

In addition to following and supporting Vojvodina, the fan group The Firm is also known for its humanitarian campaigns, so in the past they took a part in blood donation campaigns, fundraising for Serbian families in Kosovo and for people who needed expensive medical help, and many fans of Vojvodina participated in the fight against the terrible floods that hit Serbia in 2014.

On the other hand, the organized fans of Vojvodina were always known for their apoliticality and never provided public support to any political option. As they often say, their only option is – Vojvodina Football Club.