The coach of Vojvodina FC, Božidar Bandović is optimistic before the beginning of the spring part of the 2023/24 season.

The players of the old lady will face the team of Mladost from Lučani at the spring premiere at Karađorđe, and Bandović believes in good game and positive results, after everything he had seen during the preparations.

  • In the past four weeks of preparations the players were disciplined and worked very well, and I believe that we are ready. We are playing at our stadium, against an experienced opponent. Mladost is a good and dangerous team, but we will focus on our game, and give our all to win those first three points that are very important to us – Božidar Bandović said.

Even though Vojvodina hasn’t won against Mladost at the last three matches, Bandović doesn’t want his players to be pressured by the statistics.

  • I expect the players to think about the game and what is happening on the pitch, and the result will come. We have to be disciplined and patient, and follow tactical things that we practiced. The most important thing is that the players give their maximum, I don’t want them to feel pressured by the previous results and the statistics, and to be afraid not to win, because I am there to support them. We have to take risks, and make mistakes to win the match – he said.

The coach of Voša also pinpointed that he was very pleased with the reinforcements that arrived to Voša this winter.

  • I am more than pleased with the reinforcements, they adapted well, they have a strong character and I believe they made the team better. The atmosphere is amazing, every one of them held the intensity. We didn’t have any significant problems with the injuries, which is very important. Vukan Savićević missed four, five days of training, as well as Tanjga, but nothing serious. Vukan trained yesterday, and we will see after today’s training how long he can play – Bandović highlighted.

He is also pleased with the atmosphere in the team, which is a key predisposition in achieving mutual goals, and that each player is aware of their role, regardless of the minutes spent on the pitch.

  • Communication is the most important factor, and it doesn’t matter how much you play, but what you are going to do during that time. I am always honest toward my players, I always had the team supporting me, and I hope that will be the case here as well. There will be some problems and obstacles, but we can solve everything through good communication. The players are also aware that they have to have responsibility and keep up the good atmosphere. Of course, we are all looking for the results and victories, but these are the preconditions so that we can hope that everything will be as it should – Bandović pinpointed.


For years now, Vojvodina has been playing in the formation 4-2-3-1, which could gradually change with Bandović, but he pinpoints that the most important thing is for the team to play equally well in both directions.

  • The system is the starting position of the players on the pitch, but we trained following some principles, and the players accepted that. We want to dominate, to play in both directions, and defend ourselves when we lose the ball. We prepared some new ideas for tomorrow, based on the character of our qualities. We received many goals, and we have to work on that. We have to give a lot of goals, more than before, but we also have to receive less. The style is offensive, and we want to dominate, but without a good defence we cannot reach the goal – Bandović revealed.

Finally, he highlighted that he knows who the starting 11 will be, but that all players will get their chance during the season.

  • I have the starting lineup in my head. However, we go game by game, the competition is strong, and everyone will get their chance. I am a coach who believes all the players, I worked with everyone during the preparations, and there is no first and second lineup with me, even though I have the starting 11 for tomorrow – Božidar Bandović concluded.

The match between Vojvodina – Mladost is scheduled for Saturday at 3pm, with a note that the gates of Karađorđe stadium will be open, and the entrance will be free.