After yesterday’s friendly game against Shakhtar, in which they played a draw against the champion of Ukraine and participant of the Round of 32 of the Europa League, this morning Vojvodina football players again ran onto the pitch of sports center Susesi. In accordance with usual practice, only a short recovery training was set for this morning, while the boss Nenad Lalatović decided to give his players the rest of the day off.

After doing warm-up exercises under the instructions of the fitness coach Saša Semeredi, the players, divided into several groups, played the popular foot tennis, and they were joined by the coaches from the staff. Only the injured Ranko Veselinović trained separately from the other teammates, while Bogdan Mladenović and Nikola Mirić today worked under a different regime, since they did not play against Shakhtar yesterday. Due to the cold and fever, goalkeeper Nikola Simić was absent from the training, but according to Dr. Aleksandar Šegrt, it is expected that he will be able to perform at the next friendly game against Rapid, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

After finishing training and returning to the hotel, the footballers spent the next hour in the wellness center of the hotel Susesi Luxury Resort, which was a recommendation they received from the boss Nenad Lalatović with the aim of additional relaxation and recovery of the organism. At the preparations in Belek, in the squad of Vojvodina is a great atmosphere, which has only been further improved after yesterday’s good game and result against Shakhtar.