The coach of Vojvodina, Slavoljub Đorđević, is optimistic before the return match of the second round of qualifications for the Conference League, in which the Old Lady will host Panevezys.

In the first match, Vojvodina celebrated as a guest with the result 1-0, with a goal by Nemanja Čović, and coach Đorđević calls for caution, but also announces playing for the win in front of the home fans.

On the eve of this match, the Old Lady initiated a humanitarian action. In cooperation with the Red Cross of Serbia and the Red Cross of Vojvodina, on the plateau of Vujadin Boškov (between Spens and the northern tribune of Karađorđe), the club organized an action of voluntary blood donation.

Everyone who decides for this humanitarian deed in the period from 1 pm to 6 pm today will receive two tickets to the West for the rematch of the second round of qualifications for the Conference League between the Old Lady and Panevezys.

At the beginning of today’s conference, coach Đorđević supported this action and called on the citizens to come and donate blood and in that way help those who need help the most.

– Before I say anything about the match, I want to support this humanitarian action and I invite as many people as possible to come and support this idea. Hard times are behind us and the situation is still difficult and that blood saves someone’s life – Đorđević started, and then he looked back at the game itself.

– The opponent may not be attractive on paper, he does not come from a big football country, but he is a very unpleasent rival. They have a large number of foreigners, they are technically very good and they have caused us a lot of problems. They come with a goal minus and I am sure they will be even more offensive and aggressive. We have a favorable result, we know that it will be difficult and uncertain, but we are aware that the public expects us to pass. What I can say on behalf of my guys, my staff and me, is that we will do everything to go further – said Đorđević.

He confirmed that there will be a change in the lineup and announced certain changes in relation to the previous match with Partizan.

– I have one dilemma in the midfield and there will be some changes in the attack. It’s not a big difference, the circumstances are like that, we have to see when we can put the maximum load, and when we can rest. We expect at least two changes in the team. Mića Vukadinović started training with us yesterday, Nešković is slowly returning, and the good news is that Marko Bjeković did not have a torn ankle ligament, but only burst, so he will probably work seven days out of the team and be with us in two weeks. Đorđević will not be with us until October – Đorđević revealed.

Coach of Voša believes that nothing is over yet, that his team will have the same approach, regardless of the result from the first match.

– As I said before the first game, the result before the rematch does not change anything in our approach. Everything is solving tomorrow, and when you have one goal minus, then you have to play more offensively and aggressively. We have a good result, we play at home, we will have the support of the fans and I am sure that we will try to play even more offensively and aggressively and in that way achieve an even better result in the return match. Of course, the opponent is also questioned, but I am really optimistic – Đorđević emphasized.

He also referred to the change in UEFA’s rules on the abolition of away goals, which will bring a much larger number of overtimes, and thus the chances of penalties deciding are higher.

– The rule of away goals was as good as it was bad. That is why we need to be careful and concentrated as if it is 0-0 and as if it is the first game. The team should have a dose of caution, but they should have even more self-confidence and go for the victory in front of our fans – Đorđević concluded.

The match Vojvodina – Panevezys is scheduled for Thursday at 8 p.m.