The president of Vojvodina FC, Dragoljub Zbilijć was elected the president of the Community of the Serbian Super league Clubs.

At today’s assembly of the Community of Serbian Super league Clubs, Zbiljić was elected the president of the community, and at the same time they also elected the Executive board consisting of seven members, as well as two vice-presidents, and they also adopted the financial report for the previous year, and the plan for the next season.

Dragoljub Zbiljić expressed gratitude for his unanimous election at today’s assembly.

  • In one celebratory tone, we performed a function handover with no fuss, which sends the message that there is unity within the community. Dragan Džajić, the president of the Football Association of Serbia was also present today, as well as the general secretary Jovan Šurbatović, and all the members of the Community of Serbian Super league Clubs, and I am glad that this was a unanimous support. We have full legitimacy to work, and we will first talk with the Football Association of Serbia about how we can enhance our competition in the field of regularity, brand strengthening, advertising campaigns. The Football Association of Serbia have already begun working on the infrastructure, they are constructing seven pitches with hybrid grass, and three more with artificial grass. We will have much better conditions to raise the brand of our league. Then, we will have new sponsors, because so far we have had very few foreign companies who could be the sponsors to the clubs. The goal is to raise the quality of football, because of the fans and everything that awaits us in Europe, on the club and representative level. I believe that other clubs aside from Red Star and Partizan can achieve points, and I congratulate TSC who had an excellent last season in Europe. I expect Vojvodina and Radnički 1923 to follow that trend this summer, and to reach points that could help position our clubs better – Zbiljić said.


He also reflected on the great number of statements during the last season, and announced analysis and talks with those who are not satisfied.

  • Today we were talking and asking for data of the clubs who give statements the most, because we want to meet with them and see what bothers them. I think that we have to show more mutual respect, both towards the competition, the referees, and also the referees need to have more respect towards the clubs. With some more gentleman’s manners, we can raise everything to a higher level. We will not immediately start with repressive measures, but with more talks, and journeys. We will visit all the pitches and stadiums where FAS begins their works. Simply, infrastructure is the key. Njegoš Petrović arrived to Vojvodina from Spain, it is a bit difficult for him to play on such pitches, and it is difficult to bring someone new like him, and we need such players for Europe. I think that clubs are financially stable, and I like the atmosphere that I saw, so I believe that an interesting season is ahead of us – Zbiljić highlighted.


The first man of Vojvodina confirmed that they were talking about raising the number of bonus players.

  • Today we also talked about that, five clubs suggested and we will send a proposal to FAS, to start this season with two bonus players. However, we will not immediately change from year 2002 to 2003, so that the clubs who are not ready by this moment, have the option to have two bonus players from 2002. Also, at every moment there should be two bonus players on the pitch, so that if one leaves the pitch, then the second bonus player has to enter – Zbiljić said.

Today’s topic was not the decrease of the number of participants in the Serbian Super league.

  • It was not in our plans to talk about that today, we have plenty of things before us. As the president of Vojvodina FC, I can say that I am pro decrease of the number of clubs, but not to 12, but to 14 clubs. We will talk to everyone, you need to make such decisions carefully, and not overnight – Zbiljić pinpointed.


Finally, he confirmed that he got support from all the clubs and thanked those who officially suggested him.

  • I received support from all the 32 members of the Serbian Super league. The public is fun, it turns our that Red Star suggested two bonus players, so when someone like us brings that information to light, they immediately think that Terzić arranged it. It’s not really like that. The president of the Super League comes from the oldest Serbian Club, who has shown lately how you can raise advertising to a higher level and strengthen the brand, so I believe that I was recommended by many more things than just individual clubs. I would like to publicly thank all the clubs like Partizan, TSC, Mladost Lučani, Mladost GAT, and Radnički from Sremska Mitrovica, who made the official suggestion. And one more thing, I wish our selection plenty of luck at the European championship. I also expect the clubs to show their public support to Dragan Stojković, and to look optimistically at the upcoming European Championship – Dragoljub Zbiljić concluded.