With a sad heart, the football club Vojvodina informs the public that Dragoljub Samardžić, member of the Assembly of FK Vojvodina and former president of our club, passed away this morning at the age of 76.

He was a member of the Board of Directors of FK Vojvodina at the time when the second Serbian Cup in the club’s history was won in 2020, and immediately after that he assumed the position of club president. He retired from it in May of this year, after which he remained part of the club as a member of the club Assembly.

He also held the position of adviser to the mayor of Novi Sad for investments.

As a goalkeeper, he also had an enviable sports career, which he started in Vojvodina, and then continued in Rad and the Dutch club Villem II. At the beginning of this century, he also performed the function of sports director of FK Vojvodina.

The time and place of the commemoration and burial will be announced later.

To his family, friends, the City of Novi Sad and everyone who knew him, the football club Vojvodina expresses its sincere and deep condolences.