After the victory of his team over Spartak, the Manager of Vojvodina, Nenad Lalatović, said that he would like the game to be interrupted when he is offended too.

Vojvodina defeated Spartak today by 2-0 (2-0) in the 60th Vojvodina derby.

– First of all, I have to say that colleague Gacinović is my favorite coach in Super League, because he is one of the few who can say what he thinks, which is to praise me. Whether or not I deserve praise, best is said by my results, as well as by people I value and who have the courage to say something positive about me, and there are not many of them. I wish Spartak and my dear colleague with all my heart good luck in further season and to reach the play-off, because Subotica as a city and Spartak as a club absolutely deserve it – says Lalatović.

He is pleased with today’s performance of his team, even though he has some objectives.

– We entered the game with a great desire to win and to go on a break with three new points, which is what we managed to do. Spartak had some chances and if they scored, it would absolutely be deserved. I was affraid especially in the second half, when our defense line was further from our bench and when Spartak was quite dangerous, and we stood far from their rhombus in the middle of the pitch. We let them play, and Spartak has players who when you let them do that, then you’re in trouble. However, the positive is that we did not conceded a goal. We scored two, won three big points and I am very pleased – says Lalatović.

After this victory, Vojvodina at least temporarily took the first place in the table.

– It is nice to be first even for two minutes, and we will spend the night in the first position tonight. One time I may have expressed myself wrong when I said that we were not interested in the title, because of course that is our greatest wish. That is difficult, but if Lester could do it in England, why couldn’t we do it in Serbia? However, I do not say it publicly because I do not want to provoke others with those statements, although Vojvodina fans and I secretly hope for it. That would be a phenomenal dream, and whether or not we’re going to catch it, I don’t know. What I do know is that I would give 10 years of my life for something like that to happen – Lalatović said.

Next weekend, in Super League there will be no regular round due to the national team break, and Vojvodina will use that to play a friendly match against Brescia Calcio in Italy.

– On Friday we travel to Brescia, where on Saturday we will play a game against Serie A participant. In that match, players can play relaxed and see where they are in relation to a team that has some big stars. After that, we will prepare for the match against Čukarički in Banovo Brdo, which will be another derby – says Lalatović.

Due to chanting from the stands regarding the president of the Football Association of Serbia, Slaviša Kokeza, referee Nenad Minaković interrupted the match several times, and the Manager of Vojvodina thinks that in this case the same criteria should be respected also when the insults are addressed to him.

– I want to praise our management for the support after the match against Voždovac, in which I could not be on the bench, because I was fined by 800,000 dinars and three matches of suspension. It certainly deserved it because I made the outburst, but I wouldn’t do it if someone, it doesn’t matter who, didn’t insult my deceased mother twice and if their fan didn’t spit in my face. Only after that I reacted, and I wish that the game is interrupted also when they insult me ​​and curse my daughter. I find that as a coach I have feelings for my child and so I would ask the Football Association and our referees to interrupt the game even when the whole stadium is chanting what they will do to my daughter, because it simply hurts me just like it hurts the others when somebody insults them – Lalatović said.

He also explained in detail what the plan and program of Vojvodina is during the next two weeks.

– Players will have two days off and we will continue training on Monday afternoon. I won’t give them much to relax, because two days is quite enough. On Tuesday we will train twice, on Wednesday and Thursday once, on Friday we will travel to Brescia and on Saturday we will play the game. When we return, the players will not get a day off, because according to the information I have, it is possible that we will play against Čukarički on Friday. If we want to continue in this rhythm, we must not relax, but need to intensify our work even more – said Lalatović.