After the defeat of his team by Red Star, Vojvodina’s Manager Nenad Lalatović said he thinks that red and whites maybe deserved a point in this match.

Vojvodina was defeated tonight by Red Star with a score of 1-2 (1-1) in the seventh round of the Super League of Serbia.

– Congratulations to both teams on the performance shown and to Red Star and colleague Milojević for their placement in the Champions League group stage, which speaks enough about his quality as a coach and the quality of his players. I think tonight’s first half of the match was even. We knew who was going to play for Red Star and that they will play with three players in defence, as well as we knew for Vukanović that he will play on the left and going in to his right foot. He took advantage of the negligence of my players, who instead on him, focused on the referee. Red Star took a quick foul, Vukanović was left on the left side alone and crossed well, which was used by Pavkov, and such a goal can not happen to us, especially not against teams such as Red Star – says Lalatović.

However, despite the sudden hit, the red and whites did not lost their spirit

– We returned to the match after Drinčić’s phenomenal pass, and in training we practiced how to surprise Red Star with the quick taking of fouls. We managed to equalize and go for a break with the result 1-1, but it is not easy when you receive the goal that Garcia scored. Such goals are rarely received, but we received it and Red Star took the lead 1-2. We were trying to come back and score the second goal, and we had a good chance when Stojković crossed and Zukić was just an inch late for the ball, even though he ran into the space nicely. My players may have deserved to be equalize, but we have not succeeded in that – emphasizes Lalatović.

He once again wished success to Red Star in the future and emphasized that, regardless of tonight’s defeat, he is pleased with what his team has accomplished so far in the season.

– I wish Red Star all the best and they really had a hard two months. They pushed out everything their coach wanted from them, but we also pushed out everything I wanted from my players. In seven games, we have five wins, one draw and one defeat against Red Star by 1-2. Last season, Vojvodina in three matches received 13 goals from Red Star and scored only one, but this is a new, more aggressive Vojvodina, for which I will give the last atom of my strength, so that with such fans at Karađorđe next season plays in Europe. This club absolutely deserves it – said Lalatović.

Due to the national team break, there will be no Super League of Serbia matches next weekend, and the league will continue in two weeks, when Vojvodina will play against Radnički in Niš.