In the 25th round of the Serbian Super League, Vojvodina will meet Partizan in Belgrade. According to the words of the Manager Nenad Lalatović, the players of Vojvodina are expecting a difficult match, but he has absolute trust in his team.

– Partizan plays quality attacking football and because of that determination, they are also efficient, considering that we are the third-placed team, and that they are currently in the second position, and I must say deservedly. A difficult match awaits us, but I absolutely believe in my team, I believe in my players. We go there to outplay them. We will not defend, we will try to play for the goal more. We have no reason to be afraid, my guys have shown that they know how to play against Partizan, which is shown by the fact that we have the last three tied victories against them. We beat them in the Cup final, won the trophy, they led in Novi Sad, but we turned it around to 3-2, so they will surely seek for some revenge to show that they are a better team than us – said Lalatović.

Due to the still current epidemiological situation in Serbia, this match will also be played without the presence of the audience, which, according to Lalatović, is a real shame because he believes that the match against Partizan will certainly be a spectacle.

– I expect a hard and uncertain match, I expect my players to give their maximum, not 100 but 200 percent of their possibilities and to show that we are rightly where we are. What is my goal this year is to defend the Serbian Cup trophy. The match will certainly be a spectacle and I am sorry that there is the corona virus and that there will be no audience because then the match gets on the fire, on the fight, and becomes a hot atmosphere like it was in Niš. I live for such games and I like to lead such games, they inspire me and get the most out of me and my players – says Lalatović.

The management of FK Vojvodina has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Nenad Lalatović, about which, as the coach of the Novi Sad team says, he found out through the media.

– I don’t know what I did so that they have to punish me. I received that information from the journalists after the match against Napredak, and when I heard it, I was shocked because no one suggested it to me. My contract expires in two months and if they are afraid that the contract with me will not be extended – it does not have to be extended. I would stay in Vojvodina only if everyone wants that. It is not okay to create this kind of pressure on me and my players before such an important match. I can say publicly that I did nothing. My only mistake is that I went out in public and asked for money for the employees of the club. Then, when I asked for money, the salaries were not on time, now they have been paid. I know that it is not up to me, but I have not damaged my club and my Vojvodina in any way. I love Vojvodina very much, I found myself here. I think it is insane to initiate any proceedings against me two months before the expiration of the contract. For the sake of Vojvodina, I paid a lot of fines, I will pay this one if I made a mistake. I apologize if I disturbed the management of the club in any way and I accept to pay the fine for those people for whom I fought – said Lalatović.

With tomorrow’s victory, Vojvodina would achieve the fourth triumph in a row against Partizan, which, according to Lalatović, would certainly be a great success.

– My guys brought a lot of beautiful things to Vojvodina. I repeat, I absolutely believe in them, we will go out on the pitch to fight. Of course, it is difficult to beat Partizan four times in a row. With the arrival of Sale Stanojević, Partizan plays great football, but when you have quality, the result is made with a good atmosphere. We will leave our hearts on the pitch to play a good and quality match – said Lalatović.

For the match against Partizan, the Manager of Vojvodina, Nenad Lalatović, will not be able to count on Mladenović and Đurić, who went on loan, as well as on Čović, who has cards. Topić, who is still recovering from a minor injury, will also not compete for the team.

The match between Partizan and Vojvodina will be played tomorrow (Tuesday) in Belgrade, starting at 4 pm, with a broadcast on B92, Arena Sport 1 and Novi Sad TV.