Vojvodina striker Momčilo Mrkaić pointed out that it doesn’t matter who scores goals as long as the team wins and plays good football.

Mrkaić was the hero in the victory over Novi Pazar, as he entered the game at half time and scored in the 67th minute for three new points.

– It was not an easy match at all, the situation on the table is not the right measure when it comes to Novi Pazar. They are playing much better in the second part of the season than in the fall, and in the last few games they have shown that they deserve to survive. They came to our pitch to win points, they were dangerous from the counter and did not retreat. Fortunately, we managed to win important points – said Mrkaić, who does not care who scores goals as long as the team plays united and attacks.

– I am satisfied when the team plays well, when we stand well on the pitch, when we understand each other and cooperate. We all like to play attacking, to have the ball and to create chances. In that case, we are all happier, it is a real pleasure to be on the pitch and then it is irrelevant who scores goals – Mrkaić added.

The next rival of Vojvodina will be Rad, another team that is fighting for survival.

– It is certain that an even more difficult match awaits us, because we are going to visit a traditionally unpleasant rival. Rad’s players are also at a higher level than this fall, they are hard and strong in defense, but we believe that we will find a solution to endanger them. The most important thing is to play our game, to go step by step and to focus only on each next rival, because otherwise we could be punished – concluded Mrkaić.

The match Rad – Vojvodina is scheduled for Wednesday at 2 p.m.