Although every footballer always loves the feeling of going out on the pitch, the impression is that all who are involved in this sport have never had a greater desire to do what they love most, which is to play football. Of course, this is understandable, given that the state of emergency in Serbia has been going on for a month and that all sports competitions in the country are therefore suspended.

Meanwhile, Vojvodina footballers train at home, individually and in groups through online training, and so does the young red and whites’ first-team player Mihajlo Neškovic, who spends time with his family in Šid.

– While the state of emergency lasts, we do what we can. With our fitness coach Saša Semeredi, via the Zoom app we have group online training sessions that last about an hour four to five times a week, and in the morning we always look to go for a run. I am fortunate to have a local football pitch near the house where I am at the moment, so I can always run and maintain my fitness. Besides, the club started delivering room bikes yesterday, I believe that today or tomorrow all the players will have them, so it will mean a lot to us to get through this period. I think that when all this ends, we won’t lose much in fitness, because we still have a certain type of training every day – says Nešković.

At the same time, the young Vojvodina footballer takes every opportunity to be of use to the older ones.

– Since my grandmother lives here in the house with us, I am always at her service for everything she needs, and of course, I will always help any other elderly person who is strictly forbidden to go outside the house. I think that each of us younger should think and act like that, especially in the current situation – says Nešković.

In addition to training and helping seniors, he also participated in the charity tournament of the Mozzartsport web portal in the FIFA 20 video game, where in the quarterfinals he faced the captain of the Serbian U-21 national team Luka Adžić.

– It was a nice experience for me, and I’m glad I have been part of a tournament where, to be honest, really big names participated. Luka proved to be a great player, but in the first game we played a draw 2-2 and there we were really equal, while in the next match he was slightly better and won 3-2, so he moved on. Of course, the least important thing here is who will win, because it only matters to raise as much money as possible to help the Infectious Diseases Clinic – Nešković said.