Vojvodina has beaten Krško with a score of 0-1 (0-1), in a friendly match played in the city of the same name in Slovenia.

In front of around 100 spectators at the Matija Gubec stadium, the only goal in the match was scored by Zukić in the 45th minute.

In this match, the teams played in the following lineups:

Krško: Zalokar – Florjanc (from 46th Zbiljski), Filipović (from 46th Perić), Zakrajšek, Srpak (from 46th Mrvič) – Dadić (from 46th Budan), Žabec (from 46th Štefanec), Rigoni (from 46th Stajcer) – Sokler (from 46th Barišić), Marcius (from 46th Smiljanić), Puškarić (from 46th Popić).

Vojvodina: Simić (from 70th Toroman) – Stojković (from 62nd Lazarević), Veselinović, Saničanin (from 46th Đurić), Devetak (from 62nd Vučić) – Vincent (from 46th Kokir), Drinčić, Bojić (from 46th Milojević), Nešković (from 40th Zukić) – Matić, Đuričin (from 70th Topić).

Vojvodina was again a much better rival than its opponent, but unlike the previous matches, it was not so successful in front of the goal. The first chance was seen in the 26th minute, when Matić sent a shot from five meters, but he shot directly into the goalkeeper.

Only a few minutes later, after the corner kick taken by Drinčić, again Matić had a chance. This time, a header shot, but the ball went across the goal. A nice action was seen in 35th minute when Stojković played a brilliant pass to Đuričin, who ran in front of the goalkeeper and lobbed him, but the ball went a few inches apart from the goal.

After 38 minutes, Ognjen Đuričin got a second yellow card and was supposed to be sent off. However, with the agreement of the home team, he was allowed to continue playing.

In 45th minute, on the right side of the pitch, Vincent took the ball and by dribbling greatly past his guard, and then played the ball in front of the goal, where Zukić came to it and from around ten meters distance managed to score.

In the second half, in just two minutes, the hosts had two good opportunities. First in the 57th minute, a good kick from around 20 meters was sent by Popić, and then the players of Krško performed a nice action that ended with a shot by Smiljanič from the edge of the penalty area. However, in both cases, the ball went a few inches apart from the goal range.

In 63rd minute, Vojvodina could double the lead after a good cross by Matić, but Đuričin shot the ball too high, while in 70th minute, Đuričin managed to take the ball from the opponent and add it to Kokir, whose shot from around 12-13 meters distance was saved by goalkeeper Zalokar.

The nice action of Vojvodina was also seen in the 78th minute, when Zukic and Kokir played the double pass, Kokir took the shot, but the goal was again saved by the goalkeeper of the Slovenian team. Finally, in the 90th minute, Vojvodina missed two new great opportunities to score. In both cases, Zukić found himself in the chances, but in these situations too, the goalkeeper of Krško Zalokar came out as a winner.