Vojvodina goalkeeper Nikola Simić is satisfied with the point won in the first round against Red Star.

The Old Lady opened the new season with a draw, as she played without goals with the champion of Serbia on Friday at the Rajko Miti stadium, and Nikola Simić was one of the best actors on the field.

– We set off for Belgrade with the idea of ​​winning at least that one point and we returned to Novi Sad with it. I think we should be satisfied with such a result, because we know how difficult it is to play at Marakana – said Nikola Simić.

It is not often that goalkeeper of Voša is so active in one game, and Simić had his hands full on Friday and as many as five successful interventions.

– We were aware that at Marakana, with the support of the fans, Red Star plays its best football. We simply had to stand well in that defensive block and minimize their opportunities. We wanted to use some of our chances from the semi-counters and counters, we had several of them, but unfortunately we did not manage to realize them. All in all, in the end we must be satisfied with the result – Simić pointed out.

After Belgrade, the next stop is Lithuanian Panevezys. Voša is visiting Panevezys at the start of the qualifications for the Conference League already on Thursday, and Simić is optimistic ahead of that game too.

– Honestly, we prepared for Red Star first, because every next game is the most important. Also, after a positive result, we do not have much time to rejoice, but turn to the next rival. Panevezys is a quality team, it has a large number of foreigners and they certainly have their trump cards. However, I believe that we will play the best we can and that we will win – concluded Nikola Simić.

The match Panevezys – Vojvodina is scheduled for Thursday at 5:30 p.m.