Ranko Popovć, the coach of Vojvodina FC believes that realization is the biggest problem of his team, but he will continue to work on it.

The players of the ’’the old lady’’ tonight lost to the team of Spartak FC with the result of 2:0, and the coach of Voša once again grieves for the chances missed.

– As for the game itself and the chances created, I have nothing to hold against my team, except for realization, but that has to do with some other things. We need to continue working like this, and then hopefully the balls will start entering the net. They gave two goals from two shots, and I congratulate them on the efficiency. This is the uglier side of football for us, when you do everything, you need to do, and don’t win. Our rival did less than us, if we take away the feistiness, and I congratulate them – Popović said.

He pinpointed that this was the third away match where his team created more chances than the rivals.

– The feistiness and the commitment are the base, and they shouldn’t be lacking. We have to work a little bit more so that we could see the results, because this is the third match away where we created a great number of chances, a lot more than the opponent, but fail to score, and scoring is the most expensive thing in football. We will continue to work on it – Ranko Popović concluded.

In the next round, on Saturday, September 23rd from 19:00h, Voša is welcoming the team of Javor Matis.