Ranko Popović, the coach of Vojvodina FC expects his team to show progress at the next match against Mladost from Lučani.

The players of the old lady will be guests of the team of Mladost on Saturday from 20:30h, and Popović is optimistic about this game.

  • Our expectations are the same again, and that is, we want to show effort and attitude that is in accordance with the greatness of the club we represent, and once we fulfil these expectations, then we will go easier on ourselves. I want to show that we have done something in this short period of time since we got together, I want the audience to see that we are applying those things we learned. There will always be mistakes, but I want to see the intention and the idea. It is not just our call, but the opponent’s as well, Mladost has an interesting team, a lot of experienced players, but also younger and talented players. I want us to be the ones calling the shots, making the opponent adjust to us, and not us to them – Popović said.

He doesn’t hide that he would be better off with a longer bench, and that both Asmir Kajević and Siniša Tanjga are not yet ready.

  •  I have a custom to say that a team is as strong as the bench it has. My wish is to work with the players that we have and draw their maximum. The medical bulletin is good, we have fewer players, and are limited when it comes to some positions. Kajević is still not ready, Tanjga had been recovering from injury even before my arrival, but hopefully he will soon join us. The others are healthy, motivated and in a good mood – Popović added.


Voša’s coach didn’t want to comment on potential backups until the end of the transfer window.

  • It remains to be seen, whenever a coach arrives to a club, he is requesting new players, but that is not my practice. I like to see what I have at my disposal, maybe some player can offer more than he already has. It is the worst idea to pile up players so as to find an alibi. The players who are here were certainly scouted and they know why they are here, but it is good to have healthy competition. The championship is long, the conditions for playing are difficult, so injuries can happen as a result of exhaustion. And then, if don’t have enough staff, it can be problematic, and that’s something that we should be thinking about in advance – Popović highlighted.

He repeated that there is no pressure, but a positive one, and he wants his players to adopt that attitude as well.

  • Pressure is for the privileged, and those who can’t handle it should change their job description. I said to the players, no one can put pressure on them from the outside, as much as they can put pressure on themselves. And I don’t mean the pressure standing in your way, but the one motivating you to give your maximum. The players should differentiate between pressures. You should feel pressure because you want to be better, the expectations are high because they believe in you and your quality, and in some way that is a show of respect. Enter the pitch, show what you can do, and the pressure is gone, it is that simple – Ranko Popović concluded.

The match between Mladost and Vojvodina is scheduled for Saturday at 20:30h and will be broadcasted on Arena Sport 4.