The coach of Vojvodina FC, Ranko Popović, is optimistic before the duel with the Red Star, and wants to change the negative tradition that has been formed in the last decade.

After a two-week break, the players of the old lady will welcome the team of Red Star on Saturday, in the 16th round of Mozzart Bet Superleague of Serbia, and Popović is aware that his team is facing a difficult rival.

– This is one nice opportunity for all of us to see what we have been working on so far, and to see the upgrade of everything we showed, and step up the game. There’s no point in talking more about the Red Star, it is a team that plays the Champions League, they have at least 2 players at each position, and whichever team they bring to the pitch, it is a team that fights for the title. It would be nice that we have a response to all that. If we take into consideration how the boys trained during these last two weeks, with all the problems like working coniditons, they left me no room for criticism. As I always say, I would like to show what we can on the pitch, and let it be so tomorrow as well – Popović said.

To the statement that Vojvodina hasn’t won against the Red Star in Novi Sad for ten years, Popović responded that his goal is for this tradition to change.

  • I am not interested in that information, because in those 10 years I was not here. I wouldn’t like to sound pretentious, but simply, I have a competitive attitude and I want us to go for the win. No offense, I want to return the label derby to the match between Vojvodina and Red Star, and I want them to start feeling uneasy in the future whenever they come to play in Novi Sad. The statistics is there, it is what it is, but we would like to change it, starting tomorrow – Popović highlighted.

He pinpointed that he will not be fooled by the fact that his team has 6 wins since he arrived, and only one draw at Karađorđe.

  • Statistics doesn’t concern me, but what we show on the pitch. It all comes down to results, but I am also interested in the way we achieve those results, and by doing that we are entitled to expect that Vojvodina will always play offensive games, disciplined and competitive. If we are like that again, then we can expect a positive result. Everything we do is a process, and it takes two things – ideas of the staff, and realization by the players on the pitch. We want it to be noticeable, and for the fans to recognize that and support us because of it. If they know how to criticize, they should also know how to reward – Popović highlighted.

The coach of Voša confirmed that there are some staff issues, but he gave no names.

  • Unfortunately, there are some injuries, we will see who will be ready for tomorrow, but those things have been following us since the beginning. As I said before, it is an opportunity for somene else to stand out, and for us to increase the number of players we can count on. We have a narrowed choice, and that is why each player matters, at every game – Popović revealed.

He noted that his team will play like before, aiming for 3 points, regardless of the opponent.

–  I am only interested in three points, and the only result I can be satisfied with is the victory. I aim for great acts, and they begin with small things, and for the starters that means entering the pitch aware of the club you play for, whose emblem you defend, and when you top that up with all the reasons you started playing football for, facing the Red Star, then altogether it becomes a huge motif. The match should be a holiday for both clubs, because of everything they have done throughout history. Now it is our turn to redeem the name of Vojvodina – Popović said.

He also reflected on the win in Bačka Topola.

–  It is certainly nice when we win the game away, against the direct rival in the fight for Europe, which is what we strive for. It was nice to see the mood of the players, but that is the attitude we need to have constantly, and not allow for it to end after that one match. The difference between the match against Železničar, and the match against TSC, was only in the fact that in the second game we were focused all 90 minutes. We have to be focused and think about us, and not divide games to big or small games, because they all count for 3 points – Popović concluded.

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The match between Vojvodina and Red Star is scheduled for Saturday, November 25th at 4pm at Karađorđe stadium, and it will be broadcasted live on Arena Premium 1.