The coach of Vojvodina FC, Ranko Popović wants his team to repeat their play from the match against Mladost GAT, and stop the series of defeats in the championships.

The players of Vojvodina are expecting the team of Napredak on Monday, in the 18th round of Mozzart Bet Super league of Serbia, and Popović believes this is another important match.

– One more in a row of matches that is really important, and especially after two consecutive defeats in the championship, a good match in the Cup, it is important that we continue our process of raising the bar and level of play. The team of Napredak experiences some big changes, my ex co-player and friend has made some big changes and you can see the advancement. I expect that we also show our progress, and play in the right way and show our level. I expect the team to show maturity and quality, and to reach the wanted result, and the result that we need for the jump in the scoreboard – Popović said.

He confirmed that Matheus Indio has recovered from his injury and will be back on the team, the only one who won’t be playing is Crnomarković, because he is suspended due to his number of yellow cards.

– Due to the yellow cards Crnomarković won’t be playing, but the others are ready, and healthy and in that mood we are expecting the following match. Matheus Indio has recovered surprisingly fast, and for that I would like to thank our medical team who did everything to help him be back on the team so early. Today he did a lighter training session with us, he look amazing, and I hope he will show that at the match as well – Popović highlighted.

Even though the tradition is entirely on the side of Vojvodina, Popović is focused entirely on the upcoming duel.

– I don’t work with data and tradition, you know I only look at the present. Monday is the moment when Vojvodina should be on their level. I wouldn’t mind confirming that statistics with the good result. Each victory means a lot, 3 points and probably a jump in the scoreboard. It would also mean a lot from the aspect of continuing our process that looks pretty good. The result has not always followed the level of play, and I would like to make a balance, so that the result follows the good performance on the pitch. If we do that, I will be pleased as if we won more points – Popović highlighted.

He also reflected on the fact that Vojvodina is not playing over the weekend once more, but on Monday, but that he is still hoping for support on the stands.

– I haven’t been following our schedule in detail, but I can say for myself, that nobody could stop me from coming to the stadium, whether the match is on Monday or Tuesday, or the Big Friday. I can’t affect anyone, but when you love something and you care about it, then you should be there. I don’t want anyone to think of this as criticism, but more of an advice or a recommendation. To each their own. I respect those who have such attitudes, there is probably a background reason that I am not familiar with. I would always like to be close to the pitch, but whoever is with us, we have to give our all and to make those who don’t come to the stands regret not being there, and to help them come back – Ranko Popović concluded.

The stands of Karađorđe stadium will be open for this match as well, just like in the previous match against Mladost GAT in the Cup of Serbia, the entrance will be FREE.

The match between Vojvodina and Napredak is scheduled for Monday, December 11th at 6:30pm.