The coach of Vojvodina FC, Ranko Popović was pleased with the performance and the result of his team in the win over Mladost GAT.

The players of the old lady qualified for the quarter finals of the Cup of Serbia since they won against the city rival with the result 0:3.

– The game was very interesting due to the difficult weather conditions, the pitch was still in the good conditions. We did what we wanted to do, a lot of young players got the chance, and I think the quality of the game was on a high level. For me it is the most important that the players who had less minutes on the pitch, did their job well, and that we could rest some players before the next championship game. When I say this, I mainly think about Milosavljević, who played a lot of matches this season. I am glad that the young players who played did what they had to do in the right way, and they were efficient, but that is also due to the effort of the whole team who took the rival seriously. From the start until the finish, we looked like a team, young players should be given their chance gradually, not let them burn out and disappear. In all aspects this game was successful, we scored nice goals, and had a few good actions. This match is now in the archives, and we turn to future challenges – Ranko Popović said.

The coach of Vojvodina FC also reflected on the previous derbies with the Red Star and Partizan.

– Even before I said that I am much more interested in the way we lose or win. We have some remarks, but we look really good in those defeats, I think we were equals with our rivals. The regret remains for leaving empty handed in those two games. Today we continued in the same rhythm, in a changed lineup, but we reached the desired result – Popović highlighted.

The coach of the old lady believes that this match and win was good to motivate the team, and to keep everyone in a competitive rhythm.

– Each match brings something good, and it is much better for us when the player has a young team that wants to play. It would be a lot harder for us if the opponent closed down, rejected balls and if we entered some fight, so I would like to congratulate Mladost on that. This game served well to give all the players a competitive match, to help them find rhythm, because in the finish of the fall season each player is important. Even the players who remained on the bench showed seriousness, we were a team, and that is all important before the following match – Popović concluded.

In the next match, Vojvodina is welcoming the team of Napredak on Monday, December 11th at 6:30pm.