The coach of Vojvodina, Dragan Radojičić, expects a good game from his team, although the upcoming duel with Čukarički has no result significance.

The Old Lady was left without a chance to reach Europe, while Čukarički secured third place, but Radojičić wants a serious approach from his players to the very end.

– A match without competitive significance awaits us, both for us and for Čukarički. However, we have an obligation to our fans and everyone to go out and fight for this jersey until the last second. We want a good result, as well as against Partizan, when we played two different halves. In the first, we had that incredible psychological decline again, and in the second, it was as if I brought a real European team to the field. We made so many mistakes this season, it cost us a place in Europe. I will soon finish the complete analysis of how we conceded goals and what we didn’t score, and then it will be clear to everyone what we missed. When I say that, I don’t blame a single player. It remains for us to do these two games as professionally as possible, and that will be the case as long as I am the coach – said Radojičić.

He also announced a possible change in front of the goal, as well as in all lines of the team by the end of the season.

– There will be a change in the team, the bonus players who have played so far will get more minutes, but now we want to see who we can count on more in the future. We have goalkeeper Puškić and if he recovers, he will get a chance, we have to go in a certain order. That is our plan, but we will see more – says Radojičić.

Coach of Voša believes that despite the worse results, his team has shown that it has quality, that it wants to play attacking football and that this will not change.

– The quality of our game was not disputable even when we did not make results, but we “cracked” and conceded goals easily. I expect a disciplined and serious game, as before, we don’t have much to change. If you look at the statistics of our best players, as well as when you look at how we received the players. I will always stand behind my players, but those are facts that we cannot influence – Radojičić concluded.

The match Vojvodina – Čukarički is on the program on Sunday at 4.30 pm, and the entrance to the Karađorđe stadium will be free.