Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac expects another good performance from his team against Radnički 1923.

After three games in Novi Sad, against Napredak, Mladost GAT and Spartak, this is the first game of the Old Lady away from Karađorđe, and also the first that is not in the evening slot (5:30 p.m.).

– We have a different challenge in front of us compared to previous matches for several reasons. The first and basic one is that we are playing away, the second is that we will not be playing in the evening, but from 5:30 p.m., so we are preparing to respond in the best possible way. Our idea is to present ourselves to the Kragujevac audience and the football public as we have done so far at the matches in Novi Sad, and that is with the highest ambitions, in the best squad and with the desire to return with three points – started Rastavac.

In the previous round, Vojvodina drew 0-0 with Spartak and the impression of everyone who watched that match was that the home team “lost two points”, but Rastavac is focused only on each subsequent match.

– We finished with that match immediately after the match. I told the players right after the game that I don’t hold anything against them, because we did everything we agreed on and that the only mistake we can make is to continue to deal with that match. We immediately turned our attention to Radnički and we are only thinking about the next match – said Rastavac.

He expects a solid game from the opponent and points out that the greatest danger is from the flanks.

– Radnički is the prototype of a team that likes to play solid football and it is also adapted to the conditions on their field. The greatest danger comes from the lateral positions through Mirić and Tomić, who through cooperation with their teammates or individual quality make the difference. And in the central part is Ubiparip, which most often completes actions. Our idea is to separate them from those abilities they have and to reduce their possibility of threatening us through the most dangerous players, and at the same time to force them to defend much more – says Rastavac.

The good news for the fans of Vojvodina is that the returning Filip Malbašić will be in the competition already for the match at the Čika Dača stadium.

– Malbašić started the preparatory period with the previous team on the fourth of July, he played two control games of 45 minutes each, so he has some ground, even though he is not completely ready, so we can use him at a certain time. I think he will also be part of the team already in Kragujevac – said Rastavac.

When asked about the offensive players’ decision not to engage in one-on-one play, Rastavac replied that he would soon improve that segment of the game.

– We have the idea to bring our most dangerous dribblers into one-on-one situations where they can express themselves. When we get to those situations, then it’s up to the players to make a decision whether to dribble, or play a safe pass. We are still in the process of setting up the team, finding and measuring our abilities, and part of all that is certainly related to the confidence we lack. I believe that we will improve in all segments of the game, including that one. One-on-one play is by no means forbidden, on the contrary, but over time we will be more dangerous there too – Rastavac concluded.

The match Radnički 1923 – Vojvodina is scheduled for Saturday at 5:30 p.m., with a live broadcast on the Arena premium 2 channel.