Assistant coach of Vojvodina Dragan Šarac expects another tough match against Novi Pazar.

Vojvodina lost to its next rival in the fall, it was 3-1 in Novi Pazar, so Dragan Šarac calls for caution before tomorrow’s match.

– We are not expecting an easy match at all, because we are playing against a team that is fighting for survival. Novi Pazar has shown its quality, especially when it plays at home, where it beat us in the first part of the season and that is why they owe us. In that first game, we attacked, and they scored goals. We had a lot of opportunities, but they got us from semi-counters and counters and we know that it is their weapon. We will try to reduce their main qualities to a minimum and win important points – said Šarac.

He also added that there are certain personnel problems in the team, and that it is certain that Nenad Lalatović will not be able to count on five players.

– We also have certain personnel problems. Five players are injured, players who are very important to us, and those are – Čović, Đorđević, Bjeković, Vukadinović and Topić, and they will probably miss this match. There is a possibility that one of them will be in the team, if he manages to recover from the injury. However, we hope that the players who will get the minutes will use the chance and that we will win points and thus get closer to Europe – Dragan Šarac points out.

The match Vojvodina – Novi Pazar is on the schedule on Friday at 5 p.m.