After his team’s victory over Heroj, Vojvodina’s assistant coach Dragan Šarac said that an increasing number of first team players are slowly getting into form, which can boost them ahead of the match against Proleter and continuation of Super League of Serbia.

Vojvodina defeated Heroj tonight by 8-0 (4-0), in a friendly match played in Veternik.

– The goal of this game was to get players with less minutes to catch up to the rhythm of those who carry most of the load so far in the season. It can be seen that they are slowly getting into form and it is very important that we have scored many goals, with many goalscorers, and that a fast and fluid play has been seen. This is an incentive for us to continue, that is, to be as good as possible against Proleter and make a good result – says Šarac.

Nemanja Nikolić made his debut for Vojvodina today, assisting his teammates twice to score in the first 45 minutes.

– In the previous period he did not work with the team, but individually, so he will surely need some time to get into form, because this is the first time he has played a game since May. He is certainly a good player and a good guy, and I believe and hope that he will be a good reinforcement for us – says Šarac.

On the position of central back, paired with Đorđe Đurić, in the first half for Vojvodina played 21-year-old Aleksandar Stanisavljević, who last season was a member of Slavia from Sofia.

– He is a young player who came to us for rehearsal and after doing some more training with the team, we will decide whether to keep him or not – says Šarac.

He thanked the fans for their great support in the match against TSC, when around 7,000 spectators gathered at Karađorđe, and invited them to come to the match against Proleter in the same or even greater number.

– It would certainly mean a lot to us if the fans in the same number come to the game against Proleter, because they are our 12th player and in the two matches played at Karađorđe so far, they really carried us and gave us a breeze in the back. I invite them to come on Saturday and help us continue to fight for the top of the table, that is, to achieve our goal, which is to go to Europe – said Šarac.

The match between Proleter and Vojvodina will be played on Saturday at 8 pm at Karađorđe, and tickets for this match will be available for free at the stadium’s box office on match day, starting at 6 pm.