After his team’s victory against OFK Bačka, the assistant coach of Vojvodina Goran Šaula stated that he is satisfied with what the red and whites showed, noting that every player will wait for his opportunity during this season.

Today, Vojvodina defeated OFK Bačka with a score of 5-1 (2-1), in a friendly match played in Veternik.

– This was a good training for the guys who played less in the first two rounds. We played against a good opponent and the boys gave their best. You could see that they were unplayed and that they needed time to play together, but they adopted some principles that we ask from the players. Week after week, they watch what we do in training and slowly put it into practice. The result is good, but not in the foreground. The most important thing is that they did a good training, after which they continued to do strength exercises and prepare themselves so that, when their moment comes, they can respond to our demands and fight to get into the team that has so far presented greater cargo. As the championship progresses, they will get their chance – says Šaula.

The coaching staff of the Old Lady certainly wants to have at their disposal as many players as possible who can equally well respond to the demands of coach Milan Rastavac.

– When the rhythm of Wednesday-Sunday comes, we will certainly dose how much each player will play. Well, yesterday it happened that the goals were scored by three players who have just arrived. It would be nice if the players coming off the bench help us to defend ourselves or give a goal to the opponent, and I think that is going in the right direction – notes Šaula.

As a legend of the club and a native of Novi Sad, he is extremely glad that the stands at the match against Mladost GAT were even fuller than against Napredak.

– I am very happy, I am very glad and proud of the fact that people come, call on the phone, ask when we are playing, are we going to play as we have played so far, etc. Yesterday, after the game, they sent me some footage showing how crowded the box office was during ticket sales, but we weren’t the host and that’s why it turned out like that. When we organize the match, it will be different, but it’s certainly very nice and I can’t wait for the next game. I hope that there will be even more spectators and that the stadium will be filled from match to match, like in the good old days – said Šaula.

Vojvodina will play its next match on Sunday at 9:00 p.m., when, in the third round of the Serbian Super League, it will welcome Spartak at Karađorđe.