Vojvodina midfielder Mirko Topić believes that the Old Lady will show her true face by the end of autumn.

The Old Lady drew with Radnički 1-1, but Topić thinks that his team lacked a little luck to reach the full spoils.

– The match against Radnički was another one in which we wanted all the spoils, but it went in a different direction. We conceded a goal from one half chance, and then we chased the result throughout the match. We were much better in the second half, we wanted to turn it around and we did our best to do it, but we also lacked luck. In general, this season we have a problem entering the match in the first half, but I hope that will change and we will do our best to do that – said Topić.

Vojvodina also had a numerical advantage and Topić believes that his team could and wanted to use that.

– The red card only helped us, it is ungrateful to say that it made our job harder because you have more players in the field. The fact is that it is very difficult to break through the bunker, but a team with players like us must do that – said Topić.

He scored an equalizing goal with a shot from distance, which could be a recipe against more closed teams in the next matches.

– Goal as goal, it certainly means for my self-confidence. I hope that in the next matches I will be dangerous for a goal from half distance, since that is certainly one of the ways to break through the so-called “low zone” of the opponent – Topić points out.

The midfielder of the Old Lady believes that Vojvodina will reach the fourth position by the end of the fall, where it deserves to be.

– My expectations are still optimistic, regardless of the fact that the current situation may be different. I think we will be in the first 4 teams, among other things, the next game will be a real indicator of where we are and what we can hope for. If we beat Čukarički, we are still in the game for Europe, and we also have a backlog… I firmly still believe in this team and in our personal goals, regardless of public criticism – Topić concluded.