Vojvodina midfielder Mirko Topić believes that his team played very well against Red Star, but that the experience of the Belgrade team was decisive.

The Old Lady lost to Red Star as the host on Sunday with the result 1-2, and Topić scored the leading goal for Voša and regrets that it was not for a point or for all three.

– If my goal had brought victory or if I had scored another, I would not have complained, and since they later gave two, I am sure to be sorry, because we did not manage to win points. It was a fighting, dynamic and interesting match, physically very demanding. I think we played at a top level, it’s a shame we were left empty-handed, because we deserved more. Simply, their experience against our youth was decisive – said Topić.

He emphasized that such matches are of crucial importance for the progress of Voša’s young players.

– These are the most beautiful matches for all players, especially for us young people. You train and work hard for games like this, this is the dream of every Voša’s kid, to play big games in front of a full stadium at Karađorđe. We will continue to work hard, so that next time we will be better for that one goal – Topić pointed out.

Immediately after the national team break, Vojvodina is expecting a new derby, against Partizan away.

– My personal opinion is that if we play at this level, we can certainly hope for a point or even a victory. With this desire and energy, team spirit, we will certainly be able to oppose Partizan – said Topić.

In the end, he underlined that the goal is still a place that leads to Europe and that Voša has the quality for that.

– Regardless of the fact that we have a difficult schedule, I believe that we will go to the winter break from the place that takes Voša to Europe. This team deserves to be there – Topić concluded.