The players of Vojvodina FC drew against the team of Javor FC with the result 2:2 in the 23rd round of Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

The scorers for Vovjodina FC were Seri in the 33rd, and Andrija Radulović in the 54th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Javor FC: Manojlović, Ilić (from the 90th Tojčić), Pinto, Gojković, Stjuart (from the 64th Šarić), Bosić, Kopitović, Miletić, Dukure, Mićić, Petrović.

Vojvodina FC: Rosić, Lazarević, Jeličić, Korać, Giorbelidze (from the 70th Bukinac), Petrović (from the 70th Matheus Indio), Milosavljević (from the 83rd Savićević), Radulović (from the 88th Ivanović), Zukić from the 83rd Nikolić), Seri, Vukanović.

Already by the end of the first minute of the match, Voša posed their first serious threat, Lazarević centered from the right flank, but Vukanović’s head kick was blocked by the goalkeeper Manojlović, Zukić received the returning ball and shot over the bar. Two minutes later after the corner kick from the left side, Milosavljević head kicked the ball next to the goal post.

Javor FC reached the danger zone in the 18th minute when Gojković shot from the right side, from the end of the penalty area next to the goal, and the same players tried to score from the distance only four minutes later, but the ball once again ended next to the goal post.

Somewhat calmer part of the match followed, and then in the 33rd minute Seri received the ball from the left side, brought it into the center and then shot the upper right angle for 0:1!

Until the halftime there were no result changes, so Voša ended the first half with the deserved lead.

Javor FC started playing more offensively at the beginning of the second half, and in the 48th minute Rosić had to intervene for the first time, after he stopped the shot by Miletić from the left angle.

In the 54th minute, after a counter attack Voša scored their second goal, Vukanović assisted Radulović, but the goal was annulled because the assisting referee signalized offside. Yet, after the check in the VAR room, the main referee altered the decision, and pointed to the center, so with the goal of Radulović, Voša was in the lead with 0:2!

Javor returned to the match qucikly, at the end of the 65th minute Mićić centered from the right flank, and Bosić overpowered Rosić from the penalty area for 1:2.  On the wings of that goal, Javor started playing much better and in the 72nd minute managed to draw. After a corner kick from the right side, Mićić caught a volley from 20 meters and overpowered Rosić for 2:2.

Until the finish Voša was attempting to take the lead, they started playing on the opponent’s half, but it was very hard for them to reach the danger zone. Božidar Bandović decided to freshen up the attack, he brought in Savićević and Vukanović, and due to an injury, Giorbelidze had to leave the pitch, and was replaced by Bukinac.

In the 88th minute Voša finally shot towards the net of Manojlović, Lazarević received the ball after a center shot, but the ball ended up over the bar, which was their last chance in the match.