Vojvodina was defeated today against Proleter by 0-1 (0-0) in a friendly match played in Veternik.

In front of around 200 spectators at FC Vujadin Boškov, the only goal scorer in the match was Lukašević in the 76th minute.

Teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Simić (from 61st Toroman) – Lazarević (from 77th Đurković), Đurić, Ivan, Vučić (from 53rd Kljajić, from 80th Kokir) – Filipović (from 65th Martinkevič), Topić – Gemović (from 77th Novevski), Nešković, Kokir (from 77th Kokanović) – Zukić.

Proleter: Elesin (from 46th Knezević) – Ivančević, Jablan, Lukašević, Golubović – Pantić, Jedigarian (from 46th Radinović), Lukić, Novaković – Mitrović, Ratković.

In the first half was seen an equal game between the two teams, with took place mostly in the middle of the pitch. Neither team was able to create a real chance in front of the opponent’s goal, and although Vojvodina had a mild initiative, it managed to threat the rival only with hits by Gemović and Filipović from distance, but on both occasions the ball went far beyond the goal.

In 44th minute, on the left side of the pitch, Vučić managed to get to a ball, played a double pass with Kokir and then passed it to Zukić, who shot from around ten meters distance, but Elesin defended the shot relatively easily.

The second half continued in a similar style, and in the 70th minute, the referee Matić sent off Vojvodina’s Manager Nenad Lalatović and asked him to leave the bench of his team, after his protest for not being awarded a foul over Martinkevič in the situation when he had a good chance for scoring.

Only six minutes later, Proleter came into the lead. After a corner kick taken by Novaković, Lukašević came to the ball and managed to beat Toroman with a precise shot from around 11-12 meters.

By the end of the match, Voša came close to equalizing after a free kick taken by Zukić, when the ball went just a few inches past the goal range. The result remained unchanged, so the victory was recorded by the away team.