Vojvodina was defeated today against Partizan by 1-2 (1-1), in the clash of the 6th round of the play-off of Super League of Serbia.

In front of around 2,500 spectators at Karađorđe, the goalscorers for the away team were Gomes in the sixth and Ivanović in 83rd (p), while the only goal for Voša was scored by Đurić in the ninth minute (p).

The teams played in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov – Veselinović, Saničanin, Devetak – A. Stojković (from 67th Savić), Đurić (from 88th Gajić), Mitošević, Milojević (from 64th Topić), Lazarevic – Matić, Zukić.

Partizan: V. Stojković – Miletić, Pavlović, Marković, Šehović – Smiljanić, Zakarić (from 63rd Ilić), Šćekić, Ivanović (from 88th Ostojić) – Gomes, Nikolić (from 46th Pantić).

Partizan took the lead after a great action already in the sixth minute of the match. In the penalty box of ​​Vojvodina, Zakarić passed by Veselinović and Saničanin and then played a back pass to Gomes, who, from around 5 meters distance, with his heel sent the ball into the net of goalkeeper Rockov.

However, only three minutes later, it was already 1-1. Matić played a good pass towards Zukić in the penalty box of Partizan, and Pavlović tackled him, so the referee Momčilo Marković called for a penalty for red and whites. Đurić took the shot with confidence and easily equalized the score.

In the 20th minute, a new penalty was awarded, but this time in favor of the away team. After the corner kick done by Zakarić, a player from Partizan fell in the crowd in Vojvodina’s penalty box, and the referee Momčilo Marković assessed that there were basis for a new penalty. The penalty was taken by Zakarić, who shot in the left lower corner of the goal, but Rockov read his intention and made a brilliant save, thus preventing the new lead of the guests.

A new chance was awaited up to 34th minute, when Partizan could score again after Gomes received the ball in a struggle with Saničanin, and then shot from around 11-12 meters distance. However, the ball went next to the post of Rockov’s goal. Gomes could also score a goal in the 50th minute after a great strike from around 22-23 meters, but Rockov managed to punch the ball into the corner.

Partizan missed a new good opportunity in the 70th minute, when Ivanović took a well shot from around 16 meters, and Rockov again punched the ball into the corner, while after a new shot by Gomes in the 74th minute, the ball hit Saničanin and went a few inches wide from the goal range. However, in the 82nd minute, the referee Momčilo Marković called for the second penalty for Partizan at this match.

After a long pass in the penalty box of Vojvodina, in the attempt to reach the ball were Rockov and Gomes, the striker of Partizan fell down, and the referee estimated that Vojvodina’s goalkeeper made a foul. This time, the penalty for the away team was taken by Ivanović, who routinely brought a new advantage to his team.

Until the end of the match, there were no more chances in front of anyone’s goal, so the match ended with the victory of Partizan.