The players of Vojvodina FC from the Red Star at Karađorđe, with the result of 1:2 in the derby of the 16th round of Mozzart Bet Superleague of Serbia.

The scorer for Vojvodina FC was Radomir Milosavljević in the 13th minute. The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Carević – Lazarević, Jeličić, Crnomarković, Giorbelidze – Matheus Indio, Milosavljević – Radulović (from 65th Ivanović), Zukić, Malbašić (from 65th Nikolić) – Vukanović.

Red Star: Glazer – Nedeljković, Điga, Dragović, Nikolić – Stamenić (from 58th Mijailović) – Bukari (from 85th Spajić), Kanga (from 70th Lučić), Hwang, Ivanić – Ndiaye (from 58th Mijatović).

The players have not yet warmed up and entered the match, and the Red Star already took the lead. After a long pass, Bukari escaped by the right side and shot into the first angle, Carević clumsily reacted, but didn’t manage to intervene – 0:1.

In the 11th minute Red Star was close to achieving their second goal, Hwang positioned himself and from the rim of the penalty box shot the place where the bar and the goal post merge.

Only minut and a half later, Voša managed to draw after a first real action. Crnomarković sent the ball through the middle, Milosavljević escaped and from the first attempt, shot the further angle with his left leg for 1:1.

In the middle of the first half, Ranko Popović was forced to make a change, Matheus Indio suffered an injury, and was replaced by Campbell.

Only a minute later, in the 26th minute, Red Star scored again. Ivanić centered from the left flank, Giorbelidze missed the ball twice, Ndaye passed to Bukari who shot routinely for 1:2.

After the second goal received, Vojvodina didn’t have as quick an answer as after the first one, the tempo dropped, and until halftime there were no more chances.

At the beginning of the second half, Vojvodina has their first chance, Campbell shot from the left angle into the further corner, but Glazer stopped his kick, and a few minutes later Ivanić fought back, but his kick from the rim of the penalty box ended up next to the goal post. In the 63rd minute Kanga also shot, but his kick was blocked by Carević.

Then, a period with no real chances followed, so Ranko Popović decided to make alterations and bring in Ivanović and Nikolić to replace Radulović and Malbašić.

The Red Star had their best chance in the second half in the 75th minute, when Lučić passed by the left flank and shot into the first angle. Carević intervened once again, and he pushed the ball into the corner.

Until the very end, Voša didn’t find a way to Glazer’s net, so the old lady wrote their first loss at Karađorđe since Ranko Popović has arrived.

In the next round, on Saturday December 2nd, at 3:30pm, Vojvodina is facing the team of Partizan in Belgrade.