Vojvodina defeated Maritsa Plovdiv with the result 3-0 (2-0) in the second control match in the preparations in Slovenia.

The scorers in the second victory of Vojvodina in the preparations were Bastajić in the 13th minute, Milošević in the 29th minute from the penalty spot and Nešković in the 71st minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: First half – Carević, Bjeković, Jeličić, Jelenković, Đorđević, Busnić, Milosavljević, Bastajić, Ivanović, Vidakov, Milošević. Second half – N. Simić, Majstorović, Kopitović, Stevanović, Milanov, Topić, Zukić, Nešković, V. Simić, N. Nikolić, Vukčević.

Maritsa: Nikolov, Gaziev, Avramov, Gordanov, Dimitrov, Apostolov, Pejsinov, Marchev, Malinov, Domovchiyski, Tonev.

Voša opened the match very well and from the first minute it was clear that Milan Rastavac’s team will play offensively and in the middle of the rival. With excellent and timely pressing, Voša often took possession on the half of the rival and reached the danger zone. Already in the 13th minute, Bastajić scored a goal for 1-0, as he hit the far angle from the left side and hit the net from the post.

Voša continued to create opportunities, so Bastajić shot again and almost scored another goal.

In the 28th minute, one of Maritsa’s defenders played with his hand in the penalty area, after Đorđević’s cross, and the referee pointed to the white dot. The responsibility was taken by the young Jovan Milošević, who scored in cold blood for 2-0.

Maritsa’s players threatened for the first time in the 31st minute, when Apostolov tried to surprise Carević from a great distance, but Voša’s goalkeeper easily caught the ball.

In the continuation, Milošević and Vidakov continued to create headaches with their movements and excellent cooperation, they opened the space in the attack and almost scored the third goal in the 33rd minute. Vidakov fled on his side, looking for Milošević on the way back, but he was a little inaccurate.

Until the break, Voša dominated the field, there were no more chances, but coach Milan Rastavac could be satisfied with the release of his team in the first half.

Milan Rastavac completely changed the lineup at half time, so in the continuation played: N. Simić, Majstorović, Kopitović, Stevanović, Milanov, Topić, Zukić, U. Nikolić, Nešković, V. Simić, N. Nikolić.

Voša continued to dominate, and in the 55th minute Simić had the first opportunity, he stole the ball and went to Maritsa’s goal, but he lost a step and the ball before entering the penalty area. After that, Majstorović had to leave the field due to injury, and Jelenković returned to the game.

A somewhat calmer period of the game followed, Voša continued to keep the rival away from the goal, and then in the 67th minute, the Old Lady had a new chance. Zukić took a free kick, but the goalpost saved Maritsa’s goal.

In the 71st minute, Voša scored the third goal, Milanov passed the ball to Nešković from the left flank, who hit the opposite corner for 3-0 from a distance of around seven meters.

In the 77th minute, the Old Lady threatened the rival’s goal again from a new counterattack, Nešković left the ball to Simić, who was looking for Vukčević on the second post, the attacker of Voša was late and hit the outside of the net. Maritsa’s team had the best chance only in the 87th minute, when Atanasov had an open shot from around 10 meters, but Simić intervened excellently.

Vojvodina will meet Slovenian Koper in the third control match, on Sunday at 6 PM.