Vojvodina suffered another defeat, away from Radnički 1923 with the result 3-2 in the 29th round of the Serbian Super League.

The scorers for Vojvodina were Matić in the 76th minute and Zukić from the penalty spot in the 90th minute.

The coach of Vojvodina, Dragan Radojičić, decided to change the system of his team, since he brought the team to the field today in a 3-4-3 formation.

Radnički 1923: Lukić, Damjanac, Jovanović, Pecelj, Milisavljević, Kovačević, Piščević, Andrić, Vidović, Mirić, Tomić.

Vojvodina: Rockov – Kopitović (from 46th Vukčević), Stevanović, Devetak (from 68th Novevski) – Lazarević, Maksimović (from 68th Miletić), Topić (from 46th Zukić), Đorđević – Simić, Bastajić (from 68th Nešković), Matić.

Voša had the first great opportunity in the fifth minute. Lazarević entered the penalty area from the right flank, lined up several players, but then hit the crossbar from five meters. The punishment arrived in the next minute. After Tomić’s corner kick, Mirić shot, Lazarević stopped the ball on the goal line, but Mirović ran onto the ball and defeated Rockov for 1-0.

Despite the received goal, Voša continued to play her game and create chances, and she had the next one in the 18th minute. Matić stole the ball from Kovačević and went out in front of the goalkeeper Lukić, who prevented him from scoring for 1-1. Immediately after the corner kick in the next attack, Bastajić passed the ball to Stevanović, whose header on the goal line was stopped by Lukić.

Radnički managed to double the advantage from his second chance. After one long ball, Mirić played a double pass with Mirović and then easily defeated Rockov for 2-0.

Radojičić made a double change at half time, since Zukić and Vukčević came in instead of Topić and Kopitović, which meant a more offensive game. After two unsuccessful attempts by Simić and Matić from the distance, Radnički reached the third goal from the penalty spot.

Stevanović stepped on Jovanović, and a signal came from the VAR room that the main referee should assess the situation himself, after which he pointed to the white dot. Rockov first stopped Nemanja Tomić’s shot, but a new signal arrived from the VAR room that the players had entered the penalty area earlier, so the penalty was repeated. From the second attempt, Tomić defeated Rockov for 3-0.

Coach of Voša made three additional changes in the middle of the second part of the game, when Novevski, Vukčević and Nešković also entered the field. In the 76th minute, Voša reduced the score to 3-1. Novevski centered from the right flank, Vukčević shot with his head, and after Lukić’s intervention, Matić ran onto the rejected ball and hit the net.

In overtime, Nešković was knocked down in the penalty area, and the referee pointed to the white dot. Zukić took the responsibility and set the final 3-2.

By the end of the game, there was no change in the results. Vojvodina recorded its sixth consecutive defeat in the Serbian Super League and is now seventh on the table with 36 points.