Vojvodina lost away to Radnički with the result 1-0 in the 33rd round of the Serbian Super League.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Radnički: Dujmović, Bazile, Kovačević, Michibuchi, Vujadinović, Mitrović, Kasalica (from 61st Štulić), Arsić, Stanković (from 61st Mlađović), Savić, Mesarović.

Vojvodina: Rockov – Jeličić, Kovačević (from 52nd Nešković), Stevanović – Lazarević (from 75th Novevski), Maksimović (from 64th Zukić), Topić (from 75th Bastajić), Đorđević – Vukadinović, Simić, Matić (from 64th Vukčević).

The first half passed in a great fight in the middle of the field and with two chances on both sides. Vojvodina was the first to threaten, Vukadinović shot from over 20 meters near the goalpost in the 12th minute, and Michibuchi retaliated in a similar way on the other side.

Voša was closer to the goal in the 28th minute, when Vukadinović returned the ball for Topić, who shot from around 13-14 meters, the goalkeeper defended, the ball bounced to Matić, but hit him in the arm.

Radnički had the only shot in the goal range through Savić, who shot directly at Rockov with his head.

At the very beginning of the second half, in the 49th minute, Radnički took the lead after a big mistake by the defense of Vojvodina. Rockov intervened with his head outside the penalty area, Stevanović clumsily lost the duel at around 40 meters, Michibuchi then used the bad reaction of Kovačević, and easily scored an empty goal for 1-0.

Dragan Radojičić soon reacted with offensive changes. Nešković replaced Kovačević, and soon Vukčević and Zukić came in instead of Matić and Maksimović, and in the last 15 minutes, Novevski and Bastajić got a chance instead of Topić and Lazarević.

The first shot towards the goal after the changes, Voša had in the 76th minute when Vukčević shot over the goal after a cross from the right flank. The closest to scoring a goal was Stevanović in the 84th minute. Central back of Voša shot from a free kick from around 30 meters, but the ball went a few centimeters past the goalpost.

Vojvodina did not manage to equalize until the end, so it remained in the seventh position on the table with 42 points.