Vojvodina lost at home from Metalac with the result 1-2 (0-0) in the 33rd round of the Serbian Super League.

The leading goal for Metalac was scored by Stefan Cvetković in the 64th minute, and Nemanja Čović equalized in the 89th minute. Prestige brought victory to Metalac in injury time.

The teams played in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Vukliš (from 73rd N. Simić) – Andrić, Bralić, Maksimović, Đorđević – Topić (from 73rd V. Simić), Drinčić – Zukić (from 56th Mrkaić), Čović, Vukadinović (from 78th Gemović) – Bojić.

Metalac: Savić – Maksimović (from 75th Fićović), Cvetković (from 75th Katanić), Krajišnik, Grbović, Vasiljević, Rogač, Milićević (from 63rd Zoćević), Mlađović, Vlakulin, Prestige.

Vojvodina entered the match offensively and could have taken the lead in the third minute, when Drinčić centered for Zukić, and goalkeeper Savić knocked him down in the penalty area, but the referee estimated that this was not the tackling for the penalty. The home team also had the next two chances, after the crosses from the side, Zukić tried, and then Čović, but not strong enough to endanger the Metalac goalkeeper.

The captain of the home team, Nikola Drinčić, created two more dangerous situations in front of Metalac’s goal, but first Bralić had a header over the goal, and in the second chance, the guest defender took the ball off Bojić’s head. Metalac did not have any serious attempts within the goal, and the closest was Krajišnik in the finish of the first half when he shot diagonally from the left side next to the goalpost.

At the beginning of the second half, Vojvodina continued to attack and was the most dangerous after Nikola Drinčić’s crosses. In the 47th minute, Topić was blocked, and then Čović almost picked up one blocked ball in front of the goal, but Savić reached it first. Nenad Lalatović started an even bigger offensive by introducing Mrkaić instead of Zukić, but Lazetić responded in the right way. In the 63rd minute, Zoćević entered, who started the action only a minute later by passing the ball to Cvetković, who deceived Bralić and sent the ball under the crossbar for 0-1.

Vojvodina had a great opportunity in the 66th minute, after a cross from the right flank, Čović was the highest in the air, he passed the ball to Mrkaić, but the referee called a foul in the attack, which was fiercely protested by the Old Lady bench. The home team had a new chance in the 70th minute, when first Bojić was blocked, and then, after the corner kick, Čović hit the crossbar. Lalatović announced a total offensive in the last 15 minutes: Veljko Simić, Gemović and Stojković came in, and he decided to replace the goalkeepers as well, since Nikola Simić replaced Vukliš.

In the 82nd minute, Đorđević shot over the goal with a weaker right foot, then even after the 13th corner, Bralić did not manage to catch the ball well enough with his head. Still, in the 89th minute, the home team finally managed to score. Gemović ran well and centered from the right flank, and Čović equalized with his head to 1-1. However, in the last moments of the game, after the free kick on the left side, Prestige defeated Nikola Simić with their head for 1-2.

There was no change in the results until the end, but the Old Lady remained in third place on the table with 66 points, despite the defeat.