The players of Vojvodina FC lost in Bačka Topola against the team of TSC with the result 3:2 in the 31st round of Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

The scorers for Vojvodina FC were Zukić in the 13th and Ivanović in the 61st minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

TSC: Ilić, Ćirković (od 80. Šoš), Cvetković, Jovanović (od 83. Rakonjac), Krstić, Pantović (from 83rd  Milosavljević), Radin, Stanić (from 70th Pejić), Stojić, Đakovac, Đorđević.

Vojvodina: Carević, Lazarević, Korać, Crnomarković, Đorđević, Zukić, Petrović, Savićević (from 78th Vukanović), Kembel (from 55th Radulović), Seri, Ivanović.

Already in the 3rd minute, TSC managed to take the lead, Cvetković centered from the right flank, and Pantovič was lonely from some eight meters, and sent the ball right above Carević for 1:0.

Only two minutes later, TSC doubled the lead, Đirković easily passed by Lazarević in one-on-one situation, brought the ball to the middle, and masterfully sent it to the further angle for 2:0.

Yet, Voša managed to recover quickly, in the 13th minute Zukić took the captain’s responsibility and from a free shot from 18 meters he shot strongly into the goalkeeper’s angle, Ilić was powerless – 2:1.

Voša continued to dominate and create actions at the rival’s half, but TSC defended well, and didn’t allow more dangerous shots towards the goal of Ilić. In the 25th minute Voša had a nice attack, that was started by Campbell on the right flank, after the pass by Ivanović, Campbell passed to Savićević who sent it to Sery, but he shot over the bar.

Sery had another chance in the 37th minute when he stole the ball on the left side, went to the middle, but his shot was blocked by the defensive player of the home team, and Voša only managed to get a corner out of this good chance.

In the finish of the first half, Pantović had two more good chances, first he headkicked the ball over the goal, and then in the last minute of the first half after a returning ball by Cvetković, he shot the goal post and the result remained unchanged.

Voša was more concrete at the beginning of the second half, and at the end of the first hour of the match managed to draw. Sery once again played a big part in that, with an excellent pass to Ivanović, who escaped the defence of the home team, and routinely shot the further angle for 2:2.

However, TSC managed to take the lead once again, in the 74th minute after a center shot from the right flank, Ivanović passed by Pantović in the penalty area, and it was not hard for him to send the ball into the net for 3:2.

As expected, Voša began attacking, because they had nothing to lose, and Božidar Bandović replaced Savićević with Vukanović, but TSC defended excellently until the very end. In the added time, Đorđević had the best shot from some 20 meters he shot right into the well-positioned goalkeeper Ilić, who in the last seconds blocked the shot of Vukanović from the right side.

The Old Lady therefore marked their first defeat after two full months, but is already turning to the next matches, on Wednesday in Kraugujevac in the semi-finals of the Serbian Cup, and then next weekend with Red Star at Karađorđe stadium.