Vojvodina lost away from Kolubara with the result 1-0 in the 25th round of the Serbian Super League.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Kolubara: Stanivuković, Janković, Radovanović, Kočović, Đokić, Marjanović, Bojić, Đurić, Đuranović, Filipović, Bakić.

Vojvodina: Rockov – Lazarević, Jeličić, Stevanović, Devetak – Topić (from 58th Matić), Busnić (from 77th Maksimović) – Vukadinović (from 77th Nešković), Čović, Simić – Vukčević (from 77th Bastajić).

Kolubara took the lead in the early phase of the match. In the eighth minute, Kočović took a corner kick from the right side, and Bakić was the highest in the air and defeated Rockov from five meters for 1-0.

After the leading goal, the home team kept the Vojvodina team away from the goal and prevented the guests from seriously threatening Stanivuković. Kolubara had the next shot towards the goal, at the end of half an hour of the game, when Kočović sent the ball over the goal from a free kick.

Voša had the best chance from the beginning in the 35th minute. Vukčević centered from the left flank, and Čović escaped from the guards and shot, but the ball hit the post.

Kolubara threatened once more before going on a break. After a cross from the left flank, Bojić shot from a few meters over the goal.

In the last moments of the first half, Vojvodina had the best chance to equalize, since Janković played with his hand in the penalty area, and the referee pointed to the white dot. Miljan Vukadinović took the responsibility and shot to his left side, but the goalkeeper Stanivuković read his intention and defended.

As soon as the second half started, immediately the first excitement in front of Kolubara’s goal was when Čović fell in the penalty area, and the chief referee estimated that he simulated and showed him another yellow and automatic red card. Although Captain of Voša insisted that the referee look at the VAR, the decision was confirmed to the chief referee, so Čović was expelled.

Voša had to take more risks with the player less in order to try to catch up, so soon Slavoljub Đorđević introduced Matić instead of Topić. The focus of the game was shifted by the visiting team to the half of Kolubara, and the first shot towards the goal was Devetak’s from a free kick from 20 meters, but the ball ended up over the goal.

A period without real chances followed, with a lot of interruptions and small fouls, which was more in line with the home team that defended the result. Coach of Voša introduced Nešković, Bastajić and Maksimović in the finish in order to refresh his team. In the 84th minute, Bastajić had the opportunity, but his shot was blocked by the Kolubara defender. Three minutes later, Lazarević shot from a distance, but the ball went over the goal.

In overtime, Simić had the last chance after Bastajić’s cross, but goalkeeper Stanivuković was on the spot.

Voša thus tied the second tied defeat with a player less and remained fourth on the table with 36 points.