Vojvodina drew 1-1 away from home with Javor in the 27th round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

Uroš Nikolić scored the only goal for Vojvodina in the 39th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Javor: Manojlović, Ilić, Obradović, Gojković (from 71st Ratković), Bosić (from 46th Tanko), Kopitović, Miletić, Gigić, Doukoure, Campbell, Adamović.

Vojvodina: Carević, Bjeković, Ljubisavljević, Traore, Lazarević, Zukić (from 82nd Kabić), Topić, U. Nikolić (from 69th Busnić), Simić (from 82nd Baraye), Čumić, N. Nikolić (from 18th Malbašić).

The home team had the first chance of the game, in the sixth minute Campbell shot from the edge of the penalty area, but Carević made an excellent save.

Voša retaliated three minutes later when Lazarević sent a sharp ball through the box, Zukić failed to catch it well and threaten Manojlović’s goal. Shortly after that, Vojvodina coach Radoslav Batak was forced to make the first change, Nemanja Nikolić had to leave due to an injury, and Filip Malbašić replaced him.

In the 27th minute, Čumić was the closest to the goal, he received the ball around 25 meters away and reached the edge of the penalty area and then shot past the post.

Voša deservedly took the lead in the 39th minute, Malbašić shot diagonally from the right side, Obradović briefly intervened and deflected the ball straight to the leg of Uroš Nikolić, who hit the left corner from about 10 meters for 0-1.

In the second half, there were not many distinct opportunities, Vojvodina focused on defending their goal, played firmly and disciplined in the middle of the field and did not allow serious approaches to the danger zone in front of Carević’s goal.

Javor had the best chance in the 70th minute when Gigić withstood a duel with Ljubisavljević and shot from about eight meters from the left side, but Carević made an excellent save.

In the 77th minute, Javor managed to equalize, after Campbell’s cross from the right flank, Gigić accepted the ball in front of Traore and hit the opposite corner for 1-1.

Batak then stepped up the offensive, Baraye and Kabić entered and Voša moved more decisively towards the goal. In the 83rd minute, Malbašić sent a dangerous shot from distance, Manojlović saved Javor’s goal.

There was no change in the results until the end, so Vojvodina registered a new draw and is now fifth in the table with 47 points.