This Sunday evening, the city center of Novi Sad gathered all those who love Vojvodina FC – fans, children and families, as well as the players and staff members of the ’’old lady’’.

Shortly before the great anniversary of Vojvodina FC, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Vojvodina FC decided to gather all the people who carry the blue star in their hearts.

Liberty square was the place where fans, sympathizers and the youngest fans of the ’’old lady’’ met, took photos and socialized with in a true family atmosphere.

Those present received gifts in the form of team posters, football with Voša’s emblem, and one of those footballs was signed by all players and will be put up for a charity auction.

Also, all those present received invitations to the birthday party of Vojvodina FC on Wednesday, at 7 pm at the plateau in front of the Serbian National Theater.

On this occasion, Vojvodina FC would like to thank all those who joined us this evening and we hope to continue this nice gathering on Wednesday, at the celebration of the 110th birthday of our Vojvodina.