It was wonderful today at the elementary school Sonja Marinković in Grbavica, where the students of this school hosted and socialized with the coach of Vojvodina Milan Rastavac and players Uroš Kabić and Ranko Puškić, who not so long ago sat on the benches of this school themselves.

This was actually the start of FK Vojvodina’s action under the slogan “You are our first love”, within which the Old Lady intends to visit many other elementary schools in Novi Sad and the surrounding area.

Speaking about this action, FK Vojvodina marketing director Miloš Subotin pointed out that it has two goals: to promote sports and true values ​​among the youngest, but also to make the Karađorđe stadium a place where whole families will come every time Vojvodina plays.

– I must say that it gives me great pleasure to see so many Vojvodina fans in one place, especially the youngest ones, and that the slogan “You are our first love” fully corresponds to the action we launched. The idea that FK Vojvodina starts visiting primary schools in Novi Sad and the surrounding area is realized for two reasons. First, for the promotion of sports, but also the true values ​​in sports, because the message we want to convey to children is that they should engage in some physical activity, whatever sport they like, but not to neglect school, as well as through sports entertain, make friends, get to know each other and build personalities. The second goal of this action, which builds on the previous events that we organized this season, is that people come to Karađorđe as often as a family, so in this regard, we have made it possible for all children to join this action by purchasing a special Voša’s card at a price of only 300 dinars, with which they and their parents and other family members will be able to enter the eastern stand for free at all matches of our team in domestic competitions in this and the next season – said Subotin.

Addressing the students, Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac pointed out why it is important to play sports, stressing that life is actually – one big game.

– From the point of view of an athlete and a man who has passed a good part of his life, for you who are just starting to live, my message is that life is a game. And you have to be ready for that game. Sport is the best way to prepare yourself for life, which is the point of everything. It means being hardworking, being able to take the time to commit to your future, learning to compete, learning to win and lose, because that’s what life brings. In this, one should remain correct and respect fair play, because only in the correct way is it worth winning. These are the values ​​with which you can be successful in life and ultimately happy. We wholeheartedly advise you to play sports, because sports will pay you back in the best possible way – said coach Milan Rastavac.

Uroš Kabić himself attended Sonja Marinković elementary school, so this was a special day for him.

– Four years ago, I finished school here, and that’s why I’m proud to be here today. My advice to everyone is to love what you do. I have loved football unconditionally since the first day, I have always played it for love and to enjoy it. That’s why you too, whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is to enjoy it and to train out of pure love – said Kabić.

Ranko Puškić recalled an anecdote when Vanja Milinković-Savić, also a former student of this school and a former goalkeeper of Vojvodina, carried him out of the classroom in his arms.

– From my school days, I especially remember one funny anecdote, when on one occasion our national team player Vanja Milinković-Savić entered our classroom, lifted me high and took me out of class. Also, I remember the spring tournaments, which were always the most fun for us, because it was the peak of our friendship – Puskić recalled.

After that, there were questions from schoolchildren, which brought a smile to the faces of the players and coach of Voša.

Kabić answered the question about how he feels when he runs out onto the field.

– It’s very nice when the fans are with us, we work hard all week to be ready for that game – said Kabić.

Coach Rastavac answered the question about Vojvodina’s biggest rivals.

– The biggest rivals are always those who have recorded the best results in recent years and clubs with a rich tradition. Here, it’s Partizan and Red Star, and those games bring a special charge and a special emotion.

He was also asked about the placement of Vojvodina in Europe.

– Our goal is to play in Europe, to place ourselves in the highest possible position and to present ourselves in the best possible light in that competition – said Rastavac.

He was then asked what the position of coach in Voša represents for him.

– The coach of Vojvodina is a wonderful thing, above all for me, who is from Novi Sad. As someone who went through the younger categories of Vojvodina and was in the club, I can say that for me being the coach of Vojvodina is a great privilege and honor. A nice and responsible position, which with victories brings pleasure, with defeats some less pleasant things, but all in all, being the coach of Vojvodina is a great pleasure.

After hanging out in the classroom, all those present went to the gymnasium, where enthusiastic children surrounded Voša’s players and coach, wanting to take a photo with them and get an autograph. Also, Voša’s friendly promoters distributed Voša’s posters, class schedules, flyers and access cards to the children with which they can join the action, as well as tickets for the Sunday game against Javor. On this occasion, Voša also presented five soccer balls to the Sonja Marinković elementary school, as well as the jerseys of Uroš Kabić and Ranko Puškić, which the school director Branislav Davidović proudly emphasized will be framed and hung in the school hall.

Of course, the entire event would not be complete if a game of soccer on small goals was not played, where one team was reinforced by Uroš Kabić, and the other by Ranko Puškić, while all the other children, usually chanting the names of the two Voša first team players, followed the game with attention and cheered heartily.

A wonderful gathering filled with children’s smiles and joy was interrupted only when the children had to return to class for their school duties, and FK Vojvodina once again thanks Elementary School Sonja Marinković for their cooperation in the implementation of this action, with the desire and expectation that the gatherings will be frequent in the future, both at the school itself and at the Karađorđe stadium.