In the new season, football club Vojvodina will enter with new jerseys, made by the famous Spanish manufacturer of sports equipment Kelme.

In the media center FC Vujadin Boškov, a two-year contract between FK Vojvodina and Kelme was officially signed today, with three future sets of Old Lady’s jerseys being presented to the public. What attracts attention at first and what fans will especially appreciate is the blue star on the right-hand sleeve, one of the symbols of Vojvodina.

The value of the contract is 600,000 euros, which is only one of the planned club revenues in the upcoming period.

Kelme spokesman Carlos Garcia Cobaleda said that the company has the ambition to expand further on the world market and that it is a pleasure that Vojvodina became the first club in Serbia with which they have achieved cooperation, reminding the attendees that, at the time when Kelme was a sponsor of Real Madrid, this club became the champion of Europe in 1998, with the goal of Predrag Mijatović in the final.

– We sponsor 20% of the clubs in La Liga and a huge number in China, over 70%. Our challenge is to expand to the world market, among others in Serbia. We want to sponsor one or two clubs in the strongest leagues in the world… Most of the leading brands have only marketing contracts, while we have our own factories. Vojvodina has a great history and I hope that we will cooperate for a long time- said Cobaleda.

On the other hand, the president of FK Vojvodina, Vojislav Gajić, also expressed satisfaction with the signed contract and announced that the club will hold a press conference before the start of the season, in which the public will be familiar in detail what this board of directors did after gaining its mandate, and what the Old Lady plans to do in the future.