The players of Vojvodina FC drew against the team of Železničar with the result 2:2 in the 14th round of Mozzart Bet Superleague of Serbia.

The scorers for Vojvodina were Milosavljević in the 12th, and Vukanović in the 14th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Carević, Lazarević (from 69th Bjeković), Jeličić, Crnomarković, Đorđević (from 80th Purtić), Milosavljević, Zukić, Radulović, Nikolić (from 69th Kajević (from 89th Vukić)), Malbašić, Vukanović (from 73rd Ivanović).

Železničar: Živković, Konatar, Stanković, Đorđević, Knežević, Hajdin, Šušnjar, Balaž, Lakićević, Pantelić, Pavlov (from 66th Romanić).

Voša opened the match excellently, and took the lead from the first real chance. In the 12th minute, Malbašić passed on the left flank, sent an ideal shot to the second goal post, where Milosavljević was in the right place, and scored with his head for 1:0.

Only two minutes later, the home team achieved the second goal. Aleksa Vukanović received the ball from Nikolić from the right side, and he sent the indefensible kick from 10 meters into the further corner for 2:0.

Already in the 15th minute it could have easily been 3:0 for Voša. Vukanović passed by Zukić, who tricked the defence, and was in a good position, but the goalkeeper Živković saved his net. In the next attack, Voša enter the danger zone again, Vukanović volleyed from some 18 meters, but hit the outer side of the net.

Železničar had their first best chance in the 26th minute, after a kick from the center, Pavlov immediately received the ball, and sent it over the goal post.

Voša had a new chance in the 28th minute, Radulović was in the right place, and shot from 20 meters, but on the way to goal, the ball caught the defense player of Železničar, but the goalkeeper Živković managed to intervene. Before halftime, Voša had another chance, Radulović escaped the defense, and from the left side angle shot over the goal.

Železničar opened the second half better, and the guest had a few dangerous attacks, but without dangerous shots towards the goal of Carević. In the 53rd minute, Voša had a big chance, Milosavljević shot from 30 meters, the goalkeeper Živković defended the goal, and Zukić received the returning ball, and from 5 meters kicked over the goal. Three minutes later, Nikolić shot from 15 meters, and the ball almost ended up near the goal post, so Voša missed another one in a series of chances.

The punishment for numerous misses, in the 63rd minute, after a corner by the right side, Stanković returned the ball to the first goal post, and Šušnjar was waiting there for 2:1.

The guests started playing better, and in the 73rd minute Đorđević kicked from the distance, but Carević was in the right place. Two minutes later, Železničar scored, but it was an offside.

However, in the next attack, Vojvodina didn’t manage to defend themselves, after a center kick by the left side, Lakićević volleyed and scored for 2:2.

In the 79th minute, Voša had two big chances in just one attack, first Malbašić had a strong volley that was stopped by Živković, and then Ivanović received the returning ball, but hit the goal post from the close proximity.

Until the end, Voša kept attacking, but didn’t manage to overpower Živković, and a large number of misses in the end was punished, just like in the previous round against Čukarički when it was also 2:2.

In the next round on Sunday, November 12th from 7:30 pm, Vojvodina is playing against the team of TSC.