Vojvodina has beaten Rapid Vienna today by 2-0 (1-0) in a friendly match played in Belek.

In front of about 50 spectators on the pitch of the Maxx Royal sports center, the scorers for Voša were Mrkaić in the 29th and Čović in the 59th minute.

Teams performed in the lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov (from 46th Simić) – Stojković (from 46th Bjekovic, from 82nd Mirić), Đurić (from 46th Andrić), Saničanin (from 46th Stojsavljević), Devetak (from 46th Đorđević) – Drinčić (from 46th ​​Đurišić), Topić (from 46th Zukić) – Vukadinović (from 46th Đuričin), Bojić (from 46th Kokir), Gemović (from 46th Nešković) – Mrkaić (from 46th Čović, from 71st Mladenović).

Rapid: Knoflach (from 46th Gartler) – Murg, Grahovac, Hofmann, Greiml – Kara, Arase, Hajdari, Schuster – Božić (from 71st Savić), Wunsch (from 71st Demir).

The first opportunity of the match was seen in the fourth minute, when, after a free kick by Drinčić, Rapid’s player tried to clear the ball, but he hit the crossbar of his own team’s goal. However, what did not happen then, happened in the 29th minute.

From the middle of the pitch, Drinčić sent a great pass into the empty space towards Mrkaić, who accepted the ball, ran into Rapid’s penalty box and then routinely beat the opposing goalkeeper.

The game then took place mainly in the middle of the pitch, and Rapid virtually at any moment didn’t threat the goal of Vojvodina, while in the 59th minute, the red and whites scored the second goal.

Nešković played great pass towards left back Đorđević, who sent a sharp pass in front of the goal, where Zukić took a shot, Gartler defended, but the ball then bounced to Čović, who doubled the lead of his team from about seven to eight meters distance.

In the 64th minute, Voša had another great opportunity after Kokir played a pass to Zukić, who entered the penalty area and took a shot, but goalkeeper Gartler ran in front of him and defended his shot. Only two minutes later, Nešković had a great shot from about 18 meters, but Gartler once again responded with great save.

Despite the clear lead, Vojvodina continued to play openly and offensively until the end of the match, but there were no new opportunities for scoring, so the final score remained 2-0 for the red and whites.