The players of Vojvodina FC won against the team of TSC with the result 2:1 in the derby of the 15th round of Mozzartbet Superleague of Serbia.

The double scorer for Vojvodina was Andrija Radulović in the 19th and the 29th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

TSC: Simić, Ćalušić, Stojić, Antonić (from 46th Đakovac), Cvetković, Radin, Vulić (from 46th Krstić), Petrović, Pantović (from 46th Milovanović), Ćirković, Jovanović.

Vojvodina: Carević, Bjeković, Rosić, Crnomarković, Giorbelidze, Milosavljević, Mateus Indio (from 68th  Nikolić), Radulović (from 89th Miletić), Zukić (from 77th Kajević), Malbašić (from 68th Campbell), Vukanović (from 89th Ivanović).

As soon as the match began, already in the first minute, Lazar Carević sent a wrong pass to the left side, and the quick reaction of the home team followed, Cvetković centered the ball to the second stand, and Ćirković shot with his head into the first corner for 1:0. In the 17th minute Radin tried a shot from the distance, but this time Carević was in position.

Radulović retaliated in the 19th minute when he scored for 1:1. After the action by the right side, Vukanović passed the returning ball, Radulović positioned himself and from the tip of the penalty box scored the far angle of the net of powerless Simić, and drew.

Only four minutes later Radulović was once again the center of attention, on the wings of self-confidence after the goal, he received the ball again and positioned himself, but from some greater distance, his shot was this time defended by the goalkeeper Nikola Simić.

However, in the 29th minute, Radulović managed to score the second goal from his third attempt. After a center kick of Vukanović from the right side, Simić managed to intervene right onto the leg of Radulović, who routinely scored for 2:1 and the big reversal of the old lady.

Until the end of the first half, TSC had the initiative, but didn’t endanger the net of Carević in a serious way, so the result remained 1:2 at the break.

TSC threatened immediately, firstly in the last moment Bjeković slided before Milovanović at the penalty, and then in the continuation of the action, from 10 meters Cvetković almost shot by the stand.

Voša withdrew as expected, and threatened from counter attacks, and in one such situation Crnomarković brought the ball and passed by Radulović, who shot from the right-side angle next to the post.

In the 70th minute, TSC had their best chance in the second half. After the action by the left side, Milovanović waited for the returning ball and immediately hit the stand from 10 meters. Two minutes later, TSC had a new chance, Đakovac was alone in front of Carević, who intervened excellently this time. The goalkeeper of Voša stood out again 10 minutes later, when after a corner the ball was deflected from Krstić, and Carević caught it on the goal line.

In the added time, Simić saved his team as well by catching the ball on the goal line, after a beautiful action Ivanović passed by Campbell, who shot from the near distance, but the goalkeeper of the home team was excellent.

Until the end of the game there were no changes in the result, and Voša finally managed to reach their first victory away since the season began. Now comes the deserved two-week rest, and then the derby with the Red Star at Karađorđe.