The coach of Vojvodina, Dragan Radojičić, believes that the mistakes of his team were again decisive in the derby with Partizan.

The Old Lady lost today to Partizan with the result 2-1, and Voša officially said goodbye to the fourth place that leads to Europe.

Radojičić pointed out that he will now focus on the competition in the Serbian Cup, ie the new duel with Partizan, which is on the program already on Wednesday.

– In the previous matches, we fell in the second half, now we were back in the continuation and that is a positive thing. With this defeat, we were officially left without a chance to qualify for Europe, and that is why we are now turning to the Serbian Cup. Partizan has a strong team, great individuals, but again I think that we contributed to this result with our mistakes. In the second goal, we left Ricardo alone, there were two or three players around him and no one blocked him. I think we receive such goals cheaply and it really annoys me, but I have no choice but to work even harder with these guys. We have that game left in the Cup, to try to save the season, although we have nothing to save, because maybe the place we will take in the end will be – that – said Radojičić.

The semifinal match of the Serbian Cup between Partizan and Vojvodina is scheduled for Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.